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Keeping Strength While Conditioning for Bootcamp

ok within the next few months im going to be joining the marines and ive decidied to be proavtice and start trying to condition myself for the runs and such i guess my question is what kind of program could i use to keep my strentgh and possibly improve strentgh while also improving conditioning. I dont want to be able to just make it through bootcamp i want to be at the top of my class which means 20 consecutive pull ups and 3 miles in 18 mins any help would be greatly appreciated.


Lift heavy, run fast.


Give it a shot. I’m just basing this from my own experience. I’ve been doing his workout for over 2 months now.
Here’s the result so far:
DL- PR 40
Squat -PR 50
Bench - PR 20
I play in a bball league and my cardio has never been better.

  • PR increase of 40 lbs…

You’ll get tested near the end of bootcamp (IIRC, I went to OCS and that’s how it worked for us). That means you need to be in stellar condition entering bootcamp as your training will drop off some. I would really focus on pull ups and running. You cannot kip so pratice doing them deadhang.

I would do a lot of bodyweight work like push ups too because that’s something you can carry on with when you get there. It’s easy to knock out push ups on random intervals when you have 2 minutes of “down time”. Or you can get up 5 minutes before reveille and do them.

I like that warrior athelete link too.