Keeping Size & Strength While Cutting

im traning hard for my next cage fight in main concern is loosing my strenth with my weight when i started to train harder for the fight a month ago i was weighing in at 196-205 deppending on how much i could eat that day at that point i could put up 405 for 5 rep’s on bench press now im weighing in at 190-195 and only abel to do 405 for 1-3 reps on a good day i can notes the diff in practice to with my strength,

my new traning log is as follows monday off,tuesday hour and half mma practice,wednsday off,thursday 2 hours of mma practice , friday off but starting next week ill be doing one on one training wit my instuctor at his place,saturday chest and bies,sunday bake and trys every thing from belly down manly deadlift day, ever sents i stared really practiceing mma all out i can’t sem to get hungry and finding my self skippimg a lot of meal’s i supplment them with more protin shakes dont think thats cutting it tho. im open to any sugestions to how to keep my strength as i cut up also size would be nice to keep as well.