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Keeping Reconstituted Hcg in Syringes?

So i have this HCG which comes in ampoules of 1500 iu, and also amps of NaCl water. I guess no benzyl alcohol.

Is it safe to pull out the hcg in 3 separate syringes, each containing 500 iu, and shoot that EOD? What is the risk of infection?

Is this a joke?

No, not a joke i cant store it in a vial as i dont have filters to filter the benzyl alcohol into the vial.

it would be stored for like 2 days max. I have heard of guys doing it.

What is the problem?

Yes you should be okay. I know a number of guys that freeze their pre loaded HCG syringes. Since you will be injecting them in a matter of days then keeping them in the refrigerator should be good.