Keeping Quickly Gained Strength?

I have read in a few places that you mention that when a person gains a great amount of strength in a short period of time, kind of like built for battle, it is mostly neurological and that these gains are quickly lost.

How would a person best keep these quick increases in strength for the long run?
I was thinking if you do something like built for battle, once you are done with the program to continue using the same lifts but in a different lifting manner?

muscular gains are not quickly lost, period. If you continue to lift weights on a solid lifting program, no matter what it is, you won’t lose any muscle you have built, you’ll continue to build it.

The only way you will experience any setbacks in neuromuscular adaptation is if you stop doing the thing you were adapted to. So for instance, if you become very efficient at power cleaning, and you stop power cleaning for awhile but do other weightlifting activities, you’ll likely keep getting stronger, but your proficiency in the clean itself will be lower than the last time you performed the lift.

Fortunately, losing those adaptations is not a big deal in the first place. You can get back to where you were even faster than the first time.

So in summary, just pick your next program based on whatever goals you’re prioritizing, and don’t worry about losing gains. It won’t be an issue.


Thanks, that makes a lot of sense!