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Keeping Prop Levels Stable

Hey everyone, here’s the cycle:

Week 1-4:
Test 400(175mg test e, 175mg test c, 50mg test prop)
100mg test prop eod

Week 5-12:
Test 400
50 mg prop eod

Week 13 and 14:
100 mg prop eod

Week 15-19
Clomid 100,75,50,25 ed tapering down each week.
DAA 3grams a day

Hcg 250 iu 2x weekly
Arimidex on hand.

I’m injecting 3 times a week so I can easily keep all 3 stable.
Ok, here’s a few questions:
I obviously got a good deal on the 400 and decided to try to stabilize the prop levels of this retarted blend by adding a frontload of prop and using it throughout the cycle at low doses. Both brands of test are from ugl’s that are semi-new and have had mixed reviews. Most were positive. However, if either the prop or the test blend are underdosed, should I just stick to the plan and get what I paid for? Or ramp up either dose slightly?

This is my first injectable cycle and any input would be appreciated.
Just in case anyone is concerned, I’m 33 years old, 6’3 220 11% and diet is on point. 2500 cals/day roughly on recomp currently. Only veggies ,oats, lean meats,yams, fish, nuts, oils, etc. 4000cals/day for cycle. I am a newb to AAS but hopefully its evident I have a clue what I’m doing here. Besides the ugls and a lame blend(both things I will not be doing again)

I personally don’t think using test prop in addition to the T400 for 4 weeks is necessary. I would expect to ‘feel’ the test prop kick in after a couple of days even at that low dose and the enan to kick in within a week to ten days. I would use additional prop to frontload at 100mg EOD for the first week, maybe ten days.

I would also use the adex throughout, at 0.25mg EOD increasing if any symptoms of elevated E arise, AI dose is an individual thing but for me 0.5mg E3D workks on 750-1000mg test a week.

stabilizing blood levels by adding prop is a good idea and using prop exclusively weeks 13-14 is a good idea to allow the other esters to clear.

I also prefer clomid to adex and like the 100mg a day for the first week, I wouldn’t be scared to increase it to 150 but thats just me.

I’ve never used Hcg on cycle so cannot comment on its effectiveness in assisting PCT but believe it is a good idea.

If recovery is a concern perhaps shorten the cycle to 12 weeks and front load more heavily so PCT can be started slightly earlier but thats your call.

I have noticed it says weeks 13-14 100mg prop EOD then weeks 16-20 PCT, I would start PCT at the beginning of week 15, although I doubt that between week 15 to week 16 you will crash, recovery will just be accelerated with earlier administration of the clomid. Thats how I’d do it anyway.

Good luck

Really appreciate the input, bb…

I suppose I can taper down the prop if I ‘feel’ the freight train hit me of the cyp and e. a couple weeks in.

I’m not too terribly concerned about recovery with all the precautions I’ve taken(ex, hcg on a test-only cycle)
I respond really well to clomid and DAA so Im certain I’ll bounce back pretty quickly.

Thank you for pointing out my typo on week 16. I edited that as it was always week 15 I intended to start(friday last prop pin, monday or tuesday start pct)

From my research, I don’t plan on using adex unless I notice elevated e symptoms and agreed not in pct.

Thanks again.

No problem and good luck.