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Keeping Post Cycle Gains


So I've been on one long cycle for aproximately 3.5years and am currently tapering.

Competed in a BB contest in the fall and placed first in my weight division, then decided it was time to take a break.

I have run pretty much everything under the sun except for any Gh, Igf, etc. Dosages anywhere from 500mg/ week to 2.5g/week.

Had some issues with acne and gyno here and there.

Have been tapering off for months, the longest and slowest I could basically do.

Started the taper at 188lbs and am finishing the taper weighing in at around 195lbs.

Had a drop in libido for about a month but not much more, acne has all cleared up as well.

I'm just posting this for interest sake, and partly because Alot of individuals drop weight after coming off, where I have increasingly gained. Although, body composition has slightly altered, strength has decreased slightly as well, and injuries are more prominent.

Last year I reached 205lbs at 5'5", 'chubby' but not fat; never did anybody fat composition that time around but probably in my mid to high teens.

Planning on going back on in August.

If anyone has any questions I'd be willing to answer.


I tapered off after 12 months and recovered natural test production, but my libido was low. I found that a protracted taper with SERM worked best, plus HGH.

Have you included a SERM in your taper?

Was there any specific measures you took to gain weight? Other than the obvious like eating more; creatine or anything like that?

You said 'finishing' so I'm guessing you are not completely off, what amount of test are you on now? I started 'crashing' when I got below 50mg a week, so from 40mg and below I started to get that 'I've got zero fucking test in body feeling'

I personally wouldn't taper off after 3.5 years just to stay off for 4 months, but thats just me-about a year ago I went right down to 100mg a week to get rid of some acne and it worked just fine-but I'm a PCT crash and burner so I find it best to just blast and cruise.

Thanks for the post I'm interested to hear how the taper goes in case I ever do have to come off for any reason, I've been on 2 years now.

Good luck,



No serm or hgh.

Currently on 30mg test per week.

I did my taper something like:

Felt the 'crash' about a month ago on 100mg. As well as some depression.

For the weight gain aspect I have been continually getting high protein, but eating what I want when I want, but not force feeding. I have no trouble getting down food. Like when dieting I can carb up on 1000+ grams if carbs. Or go absurd and hit 10k calories.

I will be off in 3 weeks, but start up in August. Taking a bit of a break to make sure blood work is in order cause last time I checked it was a tad messed up.

BB thanks for all your posting.


Thanks, very interesting :slightly_smiling:

Are you working with the doctor to get blood work back in order? I am pretty sure that if you threw in a SERM right now there is no way in which it could be a bad thing or work against you. I have tapered off a few times from cycles with durations between 9-12 months and the SERM definitely makes a great positive impact on recovery, and If I'm not mistaken helps to get blood lipid profiles in order.

Do you think you will recover satisfactory natural testosterone production? I think the best thing about the taper is the smooth transition you make of the AAS allowing adequate time for the psychological adjustment to take place.

GHRP-6 may be something of great interest to you as well :wink:

Good luck


Will be going to see the doctor in about 3 weeks.

I do have serms on hand and ghrp if needed. But right now don't feel as I need anything. The taper has worked quite well, bloodwork should get back to normal, and hopefully test does too.

The reason I decided to come off completely was to get cholesterol back to norm, and my hormones too, make sure I can still have kids, and the biggest reason, take a break from poking myself.


Wow impressive. 3.5 year cycle? Stunning and the fact that you have gained weight instead of losing. I recently did a 12 week cycle with a taper that ended up being 24 weeks in total. Totally crashed on the 20th week and lost most of my gains. My arms are down from 19inches to 17 inches...I did use clomid at the end of the 100mg of test per week taper...which makes me think that was probably a bad idea. I have also used HGH here and there.

im trying to get my estrogen levels right having made a few flop ups getting confused with SERMS and AI's...currently on Nolvadex thinking it would improve my estrogen levels but Bill managed to set me straight that i was on the wrong track. Asked him if i should just stop the Nolvadex and then start Arimidex (the AI) ... just waiting for his response. What are your thoughts?

the acne has flared up due to the Nolva as well.


Keep the nolva in there but start the Arimidex,
Because you need the nolva to compete with the estrogen already in your body and the Arimidex to stop estrogen production.

Can't remember how long estrogen is available in your body, but I would say keep runnning the nolva for atleast a week, and then lower the dosage for the following week, then it should be more than enough to discontinue.

Also, depends on how sensitive you are to estrogen.


KSman recommends tapering off of AI and SERMS to help prevent Estrogen rebound.

I can't remember the exact protocol but I'm sure the Adex one involved taking, finally .25mg a week for the last 4 weeks.

Good luck


Also, go see a doctor if you can. Canada is great for this, not sure about other parts.