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Keeping PCT Gains?

Is it possible to keep 70-100% of the gains when you come off if youre no way near your genitic potential? & hgc I’m going to run during fmy first cycle, I’m 21 say I follow the protocol top to bottom will my test levels go back to normal? Did yours go back to normal post 1st cycle?

I wouldnt say 100%. It depends on how hard you train and how perfect everything is during your PCT. Diet, rest, supplments and your training program and intensity.

I personally know for a fact that PCT is going to be hard so I always prepare myself mentally when its close and I really push through it hard, perfecting all factors in recovery. This is where 90% of dudes fail to keep their gains.

I have kept up to 70% of gains after a cycle. Goodluck!

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all of that depends massively on your genetics. If you train smart and eat well, and really try and keep your strength up where it was on cycle (takes a real effort), then yeah, you’ll keep pretty much all your #gainz.

As for your test levels - well it’s always a roll of the dice and there’s no way to know for sure. Some guys don’t bother with PCT and recover in a week or two; other guys do everything right and end up on TRT for the rest of their life. You just need to be comfortable with the risks

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do things guys I know like to do to keep gains is clean/albuterol, especially albuterol has been studied in humans and is slightly anabolic, another thing people do is a low dose of ostarine but this can still cause mild suppression

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