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Keeping My Heels On the Ground While Benching


When ever I bench pressed in the past, I have always kept feet really far back to lift more. I have been doing this since I started training for bench press competitions.

Last week I had my first training partner who's also a powerlifter(I worked out in my basement previous to that) and he said that in a competition a lifter has to keep his heels on the ground. is this true? If so, should I do this while training as well? Does it depend on the federation? I have seen a lot of bench press records on youtube and the really big lifts seem to be accomplished by keeping your feet way back and creating an arch. My bench at the moment is 135 kilos (around 300 pounds I guess). It would make me sad if I had to go back to 250 to train with another technique^^lol


Depends on the fed.
If you do plan to compete in that fed you should bench with your heels on the ground.

I'd personally find a new fed though.


Yep, that's an IPF rule. IPF is really the best option (by far) if you want to compete in Sweden so if you plan on competing you should learn to bench with your heels on the ground. You can work around this to some extent by wearing squat shoes with a high heel, DoWin is probably your cheapest option.

Edit: If you really want to compete you should join a good lifting club. They can help you with your setup and get you through this switch quicker.


I had to make the switch to flat-footed benching. Lost about 25 pounds for a while. You get used to it though. I've played with it enough that I can still get as big an arch as before. Just keep working on it.


you should experiment with technique some. I could be mistaken but the typical metal militia setup is on the toes. I bought the DVD and started setting up like that...then I visited Southside and learned from Dizenzo who learned from Crawford and he had me get on my heels rather than my toes...big toe up in your shoe. Then this past weekend while at TPS, CJ Murphy talked about trying to push your feet out the toes of your shoes, which was a helpful way of thinking of it.

Not all feds require heels on the ground. Most feds DO require that the feet do not move after set for the press.

Main point here is, don't be afraid to try some new stuff...your bench isn't really at the point where I'd say that you've really perfected the lift (unless you weigh about 97 lbs.)


x2 on pushing out through the toes. Before I did this, the toe half of my foot would rise off the ground.