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Keeping My Ass on the Bench with Leg Drive?


When going to near failure, my ass comes up involuntarily from my leg drive. I can’t tell if it’s coming all the way off the bench, but it’s something I’d like to fix regardless. How have you guys fixed this?

Video of my bench…


Try bringing your feet more forward and driving your heels down hard. Your butt looks like it Dee definitely comes up.

I’d say if you get your heels no further back than under your hips you should be fine. Just be aware you’ll probably find a slight drop in how much you can bench while u ou adjust.


Get such a huge ass that it can’t come off the bench(no homo)


That actually isn’t the worst idea in the world.


I’m gonna follow this closely. My buddy lifts identical to you, I even thought you were him at first. We’ve tried everything, and he still pops it up from the drive.