Keeping Muscle With No Weights

An unfortunate sequence of events is going to result in about 5 months in a correctional facility that doesn’t have any weights…

I’m confident I can keep most of my upper body mass with pushups, dips, situps and pullups. Any ideas on how to work legs in such an environment without doing millions of bodyweight squats?


Do a bunch of single leg stuff:

split squats
step ups
one leg RDLs

Good luck and remember to watch your cornhole.

Burpees (aka squat thrusts). Lots of prisoners use these to keep in good condition. Here’s a video of good, clean form:

What makes them so great is, you can do anything with them, pull-ups at the top, supermans (dorsal raises) at the bottom, etc.

Full body, bodyweight exercises: Squat, Push-up, Chin-up, Dips, Handstand Push-up, Horizontal Row (aka fatman pull-up), Bridge. Also Glute-hame Raise, plank, crunch, and superman for core.

Doug also listed some great leg work so I won’t go into much detail with that. Just stay strong and you can stay in great condition with this type of exercises.

Making them ballistic, those that can be adjusted so, could be used to increase the effort, beyond going single-limb.

One-arm pushups, dips, handstand pushups, pullups, pistols, and isometric deadlifts.

Thanks for the responses… burpees look like they have vomit potential.

Hopefully I can get enough to eat and not come out looking like too much of a skinny b*tch. I’m going to be able to take advantage of their work release program, so I’m trying my best to get any job I can at a gym in the area… so far no luck though.

I also read up on those old “training behind bars” articles, which seemed to have some valuable information… who know, maybe I’ll get in great shape! gotta look on the bright side of things hahah.

Any more suggestions, especially from people who’ve experienced a similar situation is welcome, of course. Feel free to PM me.

Thanks again.

Pistols, and if you can, back squat one of your fellow inmates.