Keeping Muscle Mass

hi all,
just after some advice on keeping your hard earned muscle.
im in the army and am in the field quite often,so am unable to keep up my calorie/protein intake that i usually have when at home.
i try and take extra food with me but all that weight adds up,i jokingly regard this as my “cutting phase”.
any advice on what i could do to keep my muscle would be much appreciated,



Take a look a today’s article. Bringing along some BCAA’s might help. Also, I’m not in the military, but when I’ve been out mountain climbing for the day, I keep a few FINiBARs in my backpack.

While not one to ask about training as I am rather new at lifting i have been in the Army for 10 years now. Some techniques that I have seen work in the past…

  • Pre bag protein powder in zip-lock bags.
  • Snag some of the leftover hot b-fast if u get some… the eggs last ok
  • carry extra smokes and trade them for MRE’s
  • Sandbag workouts if u are doing gunnery
  • Nuts for calories
  • Stash some of the bagged tuna in the trucks or brads
  • If u have time or energy ruck/weapon PT is good