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Hello everyone! I’m new to this forum and hope to make it my fitness home! I’ve been a member of a different fitness site and think it’s time for a change. I’m getting more serious about my training, and the other site was turning into more of a dating site, so, time for the ole switch a roo!

I’m about 6 lbs heavier than my after pic in my avi. It’s been 6 months of adjusting to a new state, getting married, etc…and well, let’s just say, the diet suffered a tad. Mostly stayed clean, but I had more cheats than I should have. But that’s ok because things are settled in now and time to get back after it and cut!

I started my 12 week cut on the first and I’ll be taking before pics this week to help me gage my progress. Plus looking at that pic every day on the fridge is all the motivation I need!!

Yesterday was chest/back and today was plyo. Tomorrow is scheduled as legs, but after today’s plyo session I will probably switch it to bis/tris and then do legs of Friday.

Thanks for taking time to read this and I’ll give more detailed workouts next time. I’m on break at work and having to type fast!

Peace out!

Morning peeps!! Here’s this a.m’s breakdown:

Well, I got to do legs today. Wasn’t sure how they would be reacting this a.m. after plyo. Speaking of plyo, that totally wiped out all my energy for the rest of the day! I crashed hard last night!!

So here’s the breakdown:

bodyweight squats - 8 reps x3
plie squats - 20#/8 reps x3
jump squats - 15 x3
stiff legged deadlifts - 70#/8 x3
leg press - 300#/10 x3
walking barbell lunges - 30#/20 x3
seated calf raises - 300#/30 x3
standing calf raises - 190#/30 x3
seated leg curl - 70#/10 x3
leg extensions - 55#/10 x3
glutes - 190#/15 x3

crunches on bosu ball - 20 x3
jumping jacks - 50 x3
feux jump ropes - 100 x3 I call them feux because if I actually had the jump rope in my hand I’d hurt myself! lol!
obliques - 25x3

That’s it in a nutshell. I’ll be doing HLRS at the house throughout the day. The goal is 100. Tomorrow is yoga and I’m thinking I will need it after today!

Have a great day everyone!

Peace out!

Your before/after pics are very impressive.

Curious what your goals are regarding your training.



Great before and after. I used to be fat.

Nice LB workout up there too… what you say “glutes” what exercise is that?

I can’t believe you were ever fat, Hallowed! POIDH!

Welcome, Mylissa - that’s an outstanding transformation. Even with 6lbs I bet you still look pretty good.
That’s a lot of leg work too. Like Snap says, what are you aiming for?

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!! Hallowed glutes is an evil machine that helps me pick up my a$$!! :wink: At 42 it wants to fall for some reason!! My main goal is to just be healthy plain and simple. I would like to stay in the 14-16% bodyfat range. Maintain my curves while getting lean muscle. And rocking a bikini doesn’t hurt! lol!!

Good morning everyone!! Today was yoga day and it was much needed! I will be glad when it turns warmer and I can start taking it to the beach…nothing like hearing the sound of the waves…soothes the soul!!

Anyone who reads my blogs, will figure out soon that I am an information junkie! I like to research why…why do we lift this way, why do we eat this way, etc.

Well, the past few weeks I’ve been researching coconut oil and safflower oil. I haven’t been getting enough healthy fats in my diet. I cook with olive oil, eat almond and salmon, etc but there are other healthy oils out there we need and that are beneficial to our muscle growth etc.

Coconut oil is one that has many benefits!! Good for skin, hair, nails, dental hygeine…yes if you have inflamed gums swish 1 tsp around in your mouth and spit…it’s an antiinflamatory…but what they also found out is that taking 3 Tblsps a day will reduce belly fat. And I don’t know about anyone else, but being in my 40’s and menopausal, that is something I have to battle alot!! So I’m going to try this for 3 months and see what happens. Worst case scenario it does nothing for the stomach but my hair, skin and teeth look amazing!

Safflower oil is also a healthy fat that is suppose to help with belly fat. The way I’m going to incorporate it into the diet is just to add 3 tsp of sunflower seeds to my salad everyday. That’s all it takes from the research.

So in 3 months I’ll let ya’ll know how it worked if it did! lol!!

Have a great day everyone!

Peace out!

Fats are interesting.

I’d stop cooking with the olive oil - heat does nasty things to it. I just use mine on salads or tuna (and sometimes add a splash to a meat sauce after the cooking process for flavour). I cook mainly with coconut oil which is indeed fantastic. I tried eating it a while back but it made me gag.

I generally don’t use safflower or other vegetable/seed-based oils due to the Omega 6 content - you want to keep your Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio as high as possible to reduce inflammation in the body. Nuts and seeds are generally much higher in 6, with the exception of macademias.

I’m a huge fan of coconut oil but I don’t use that much of it in my diet, so I’ll be interested to see your results.


In! Welcome to powerful women!

Morning everyone!!! Woke up the a.m. and can’t see anything…the fog is like a wall out there!!! LOVE IT!!!

Today was shoulders/arms so here is the breakdown:

In & out bicep curls - 15#/8, 10#/8, 10#/16
Alternating standing shoulder press - 15#/10
2 arm tricep kickbacks - 10#/12
50 jumping jacks repeat triset
deep swimmers press - 15#/5 10#/7
concentration curls - 15#/8 10#/4
chair dips - max reps
50 jumping jacks repeat triset
upright barbell rows - 40#/10
static arm curls - 10#/16
rope tris - 20#/15
50 jumping jacks repeat triset
seated shoulder flys - 10#/16
crouching cohen curls - 10#/10
lying down tri extension - 20#/12
50 jumping jacks repeat triset
straight arm flys - 10#/10
congden curls - 10#/10
bicep curls - 30#/10
50 jumping jacks repeat triset

Abs - 100 HLRS, 40 crunches, 50 standing obliques

I didn’t get to work my glutes like I normally do so I’ll do squats throughout the day.

Have a great day everyone! Happy Friday!

Peace out!

wow, that’s a lot!

Dr. Oz just had a show about healthy fats aiding in fat loss…Safflower oil was a big one.

Mom I love Dr. Oz and the show The Doctors…I’ve gotten so much information from Dr. Oz over the years…

That is a lot. What is a deep swimmer’s press?

Coconut oil FTMFW! And boy will it up the fat macros HELLA FAST.

WHOLE foods has a spray version that I like to imagine controls the portion…

Cal deep swimmers press is a bicep curl with a overhead press…Hallowed my fat macros were low so I’m hoping this does the trick!!

Morning peeps! Up at the BCOD, supps tanken and out the door.

I’m on week 2 of the 12 week cut and routine and I’m liking it alot so far. Today at the gym I had to be mean. I don’t like being mean, but on Mondays, our gym is over ran by teenagers and they don’t have any gym ettiquette at all! I was in my ab station and they kept walking over my bosu ball instead of walking around. After about the 4th time I said something to them and then when I was finished went to their teacher and told him to teach his students to walk around people when they are working out not over them. We’ll see if next Monday is better lol!

Ok, to todays workout:

Warm up with stretches
pushups - 10
wide front pull downs - 70#/10
pushups - 10
reverse grip pulldownns - 70#/10
break/50 jumping jacks
wide arm pushups - 10
close grip pulldowns - 70#/10
decline pushups - 6 - i’m still a pushup weiny
bent over dumbbell rows - 25#/10
break/50 jumping jacks
seated machine rows - 70#/10
pushups - 10
1 arm bentover rows -25#/10
divebombers - 5
incline bench back flies - 15#/10
break/50 jumping jacks
close grip pulldowns - 70#/10
wide arm pushups - 10
bent over dumbbell rows - 25#/10
decline pushups - 6
break/50 jumping jacks
bent over 1 arm dumbbell rows - 25#/10
pushups - 8
incline bench back flies - 15#/10
dive bombers - 5
glutes - 190#/15 x3
abductors and adductions - 85#/15 x3

Abs: crunches - 75, standing obliques - 75, jump ropes - 300

We got the coconut oil over the weekend and the dosage is suppose to be 3 Tblsp…thinking cooking with it will be the best way to incorporate it. I used it with my eggs this a.m. and really enjoyed the taste.

Tomorrow morning I’m taking all my progress pics and measurements…we’ll see how it goes! lol!!

Well that’s it for today. Everyone have a great Monday!

Peace out!

I hate it when people try to step over me!

That is a lot ! How long do your sessions last?

Patch my sessions last betweeen 45 min to 1 1/2 hrs…leg day takes longer.

Morning peeps! Up at the BCOD to do my cardio day. And it was weight/measurment day also…yeah more on that later.

I’m not a normal cardio girl. I like HIIT, plyo, kickboxing, etc. So when I put in the Insanity’s Pure Cardio DVD this morning, I was skeptical to say the least. Yeah NO MORE!! OMG!!! It’s a mixture of boot camp/plyo/football camp routines. 20 min HIIT, 5 min break yoga stretching then 20 min HIIT and 5 min stretching/cool down. Calories burned they say can be anywhere from 400-1000…I’m thinking I was in the 400-500 range…Needless to say I was a sweaty mess after and felt like I had worked my bootie off! I have a HRM, but not sure how to work it. Guess I need to get Rick to figure it out for me and wear it to get an idea of the cals being burned. I’ll be doing ab work throught the day. The goal is 100 HLRS

I weighted myself and took measurements this morning. I was shocked at first and then mad at myself. I weighted in at 136 lbs. That’s a 10 lb gain for me. Yeah that is SO not acceptable! But I have no one to blame but myself. I’m the one who allowed the cheats and sugar back in, so yeah my fault. But the good thing is, I know how to work it off and keep it off!

So later today I’ll be taking pics to put on the fridge to keep me motivated. That works best for me and I’ll be posting them on here.

Weight 136 lbs
Chest 33 in - I actually lost an inch since the last measurement
waist - 30 in - 2 in increase
hips - 38 1/2 in - 2 in increase

That’s it for today peeps. Tomorrow is legs and I am excited! I love leg day!

Peace out!

I wish I could do all that stuff you mentioned. My knees are just too far gone for it.

your exercise stuffs look like it has some p90x stuff thrown in. At any rate it looks pretty brutal and with the clean eats you’ll get that 10lbs off in no time!

I’d like to lose about 30 this year…eek!

Thanks Mom!! Yeah I’ve taken p90x to the gym but I’m keeping my leg day…I like it better! :wink: But on cardio days nothing will beat the Insanity DVD’s I think…totally kicked my a$$!

How tall are you girl?

Um so coconut oil… melt it in the micro stir in some splenda and some cocoa powder. pur it onto like a little saucer. put it in the freezer.