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Keeping Life Simple and Easy 2


Hello everyone!!! Decided to come play in this section since I am one of those over 35 :slight_smile:

A little history about me...I started this journey 1-01-10. I am 5' 3" and I weighted in at 170 lb. Hated myself, hated what I had allowed myself to become and decided it was time for change. I spent all of 2010 refinding myself spirit, mind and body. 2011 was when life through me a curve ball big time! Found the love of my life and moved from Texas to Florida.

When I moved to Florida, I weighted in at 124-126. But being in love and getting to know the area, I cheated way more than I should have (beer on the beach) and I've put on 10 lbs. No worries because things are back on track and the eats are super clean and the alcohol is gone and in a month or two will only be allowed in on a cheat meal. So that's enough about me for now.

Here's the breakdown for today's leg day:

So here's the breakdown: 3 sets each
bodyweight squats - 8
plie squats - 25#/8
jump squats - 15
stiff legged deadlifts - 80#/8
leg press - 300#/10
walking barbell lunges - 30#/20
seated calf raises - 300#/30
standing calf raises - 110#/30
seated leg curl - 70#/10
leg extentions - 55#/10

I didn't work glutes/abductors/adductions because I was running behind. And I'll finish up my abs today throughout the day. It really is nice having the pullup bar at the house to do HLRS on. I did 100 yesterday.

cals: 1435, 68, 87, 120 (fat, carbs, protein) I know the fat is high but that is the added coconut oil....going to keep taking it for a couple weeks and see how it goes. Protein is low but not sure how to increase that...any thoughts??

That's it in a nutshell!

Have a great day everyone!
Peace out!


Welcome to the nursing home.

I've heard that gin is low calorie :slight_smile:


^ Really I heard that Vodka is?



100 HLR is solid
bent or straight legs

I hear they only count if your feet touch the bar


Honestly, I think that any alcohol that is colourless is considered diet. That includes what we Canadians call Alcool; the cheap antifreeze stuff.


Thanks Ouroboro...gin yeah no thank you!

Derek they lied...lol!!


you could just go with this
but make sure it has a handle


Colorless alcohol has fewere cals but they all turn to sugar in our system, so yeah not good.

Kmcnyc then I'm in trouble because I have to use a stool to reach my pullup bar!! :wink:


I think it's awesome that you and your husband are both logging in this forum. You look great btw. And it's also great that it's obvious he can pulverize me into tiny bits if he chooses; because that means I can say all kinds of lewd and lascivious things in this log... :wink: (just kidding)


lol!!! I'm pretty capable of pounding people if I need too...I'm trained in Judo, Karate, AR15 :wink: Country gal! :wink:


Hey, another hottie in da house!!

I mean...nice to have you join the group.


nope its tequila that is calorie free.

tequila=zero in spanish

or something like that.


Thought it was single-malt, the single meaning it was single digit calories.

Just don't mix training with any of the above. Or if you do, vids please.


I don't understand what a lot of these words mean that people are typing, but I agree and concur.


welcome aboard


welcome and good on you for getting in shape.

BTW I hate AR-15's piss poor weapon does not know what it wants to be...


Damn, I was wondering where you were hiding.. I got lost over in the Victoria's Secret blog... and Fisch, I agree on the AR.. even though at 500 yards I can still hold a 6" group in moderate wind.. My Gracie does a tad bit better slinging 208G AMAX's though at nearly twice that..


Thanks for the welcome's everyone! Hey Rick did you see Sen Say's avi??? :wink:


Rub it in Dominus...


[/quote] Just don't mix training with any of the above. Or if you do, vids please.[/quote]

That would be an awesome youtube video!! lol!