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Keeping It Real

For my sins I am a Personal Trainer at a well known chain of gyms in the UK,and being a T-Man and disciple of Coach Davies Renegade Training techniques, have achieved great success with my clients in the 6 weeks I have been at the gym.
But guess what? all the other PT"s are now complaining that because of the intensity I train my clients with it is putting prospective clients off joining the PT programme.Oh and yes they also complain that Renegade training is unsafe and indeed I have been banned from doing farmers walks outside the gym( it creates the wrong image) they say.
But you know what " screw them" let them train the goofballs on the ellipticals.Meanwhile I will carry on getting the results in true Renegade style.Keeping it Real and standing up for the T-man and T- Vixen.

If I may play the devil’s advocate here for a moment, if these are new untrained clients you are talking about, you will indeed put them off training, if you work them too hard at first. I don’t think that is a good thing. Inexperienced clients need to be eased into a routine, otherwise, the next day when they are too sore to be able to raise a glass of water or bend over to tie their shoes, they will say “fuck it” and quit the gym. And that would not be good.

Please drop me a line when you get the chance and we can discuss. Don’t compromise - now, ever! Incredibly we have been looking into a series of camps in the UK & Europe. So they want to ban Renegade Training? - guess this means it’s time to mobilize and get over to the UK afterall. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies

I am the fitness director for a major health club…Here’s my advice…who cares what the other trainers think…If it works it’s all good…If there’s a valid reason behind the exercise,it’s ok…As for unsafe,unsafe for whom???

Keep up the good work.
Don’t let the bstrds grind you down. I got my gym to buy a pair of kettlebells, but once they arrived I had a hard time convincing the manager to let me use them. They have to be kept in his office now for saftey reasons. Its a pain lugging those things into the weights room. Why could he not just keep them there ?
Where in the UK do you work ?
(in Leeds)

Whats wrong with thinking outide of the box. As long as you clients are healthly, and have no issues. Training them anyway you want. Remember there is no such thing as a contraincated exercise just that some exercise might risker then others.

Ben - are you in London. I could do with some P.T renegade styley!

Keep up the good work!
I taught the first co-ed weight classes at the University of Utah back in the early seventies and had numerous run ins with other instructors who also were work on their masters and Doctrates in Sports Medicine or exercise physiology. Their could state that muscle did not develop unless you exceed the seventy percent work level, but then would teach their female students to do sets of 20 plus reps. By the end of three years all the students that wanted real results were in my classes and there was a waiting list. Why? Because my students all show measureable improvement every quarter.
Warning the other instructors when to the Dean and told him I was practicing unsafe training principle’s in my classes. I had to defend myself and I won. So make a friend of the owner and pre-explain that you are achieving your clients goals and that they are spreading the good word about his gym and he will be seeing an increase in business as a result! Best of Luck.

Thanks for all your support,its much appreciated.Rest assured Renegade training shall continue because I do believe that when other members start seeing the results my clients are achieving they too will want to be a part of it.
Al for my sins I work in Birmingham and was interested to know where you got the Kettleballs from?.I have tried looking on the net but could not find a UK supplier.

Make sure your clients know all about Renegade training. If you want to be the best you will learn to enjoy the Haters. Obviously they are getting results and feeling great. Tell them about the website and all the athletes that use Renegade style training to prevent injury. If they complain about the intensity simply argue you know what you are doing and that is why the client increases the intensity on their own as the progress. If they are not careful We will roll up in there with 20 Renegades and work in on every station in there. Then what??
Stay on the Grind.

The majority of commercial gyms could care less if you or your clients get results. These facilitiies are also ran by salespeople not knowledgable fitness staffs. As sad as it is to say these jokers have never heard of John Davies, Mel Siff or any of the names they should be familiar with. Keep doing what you are doing and the rewards will pay off.

I am lucky due to I own my own facility and we are equipped with a large amount of effective tools not often seen in commercial gyms. My facility is ran on the principle of hard disciplined work not pretty machines that cost a fortune. Someday other facilitise may begin to open up to ideas that are effective, or maybe not.

Keep up the great work.

Thank you
Coach Hale

Hi Ben
I got my kettlebell from intensefitness.co.uk They are very pricey but worth the investment IMHO. I’m more of a party member than a renegade in terms of which training protocols I follow. They leave me more time to do my Karate training. But I’m going to have a look at Coach Davis’s articles to see if I can use them.
All the best.
BTW I enter the karate national at the NIA in Birmingham every year for my SINS…