Keeping In Shape and Mobile, while Getting Bigger & Stronger

Hi Jim

Was just wondering how you kept mobile and in good shape, while carrying a good amount of muscle mass.

You are a big strong bloke, but are still able to knock out hill sprints and prowler pushes.

Is it as simple as just training for performance and plugging away on the big lifts while sprinkling in some smart conditioning and jumps etc.

You see a lot of big strong blokes in the gym, but a lot of them seem to even struggle to even walk about.

I would like to get stronger but stay athletic in a sense.

This is very easy:

Agile 8, 1-2 times/day
Prowler work or something similar - 2-4 days/week
“easy” conditioning work (Air Dyne/Weight vest walks) - 4 days/week or more
Box jumps/med ball throws - about 20 contacts/throws prior to lifting
Lifting - 2-4 days/week

This may seem like a lot of work to do but here is an example of this weeks training:


Agile 8
Prowler - 8 trips (heavy)
Assistance work


Agile 8
Prowler - 8 trips (heavy)
Assistance work


Agile 8

Other Days - Air Dyne/Agile 8

This is just a snapshot of the next 6 weeks. The next 3-6 will change from this depending on how this works or if I want to change a few things.


Examine and map out training in 3-6 week blocks with an eye on all important facets.
Set standards for different tests - not just what you do in the weight room.

At the end of the day, all you have to do is commit to the work. People think that this stuff is complicated but if you want to get strong, lift hard and lift consistently. If you want to be in good “shape” (however you define that - I have specific standards for myself of what I need to achieve) you have to do the work. There is no secret to this. The problem is that it takes effort and for some, too much effort that they are willing to give. And then I see too many people using articles or some random study to give them a pass to not run, push a Prowler or to remain mobile/flexible. Bottom line is get out the Prowler or whatever you got, put some weight on it and push it. Or get up early and hit the stadium stairs. Or put on the weight vest and do some circuits or a long walk.

When an addict hits bottom and it’s only then he makes a change. I think many people need to just be sick of their current circumstances and actually make a change. The problem is that the HINT of their bench press going down paralyzes them when the end - the payoff years from now, will be much greater than they ever expected. Patience, persistence and focus.

Thanks Jim for the reply. Most appreciated.

I have been reading yours and Matt Vincent’s work, and the common theme from both of you is be consistent, be smart, train hard and train smart.

I still want to be training hard when I’m old and grey, so the advice of being smart, taking things slow and consistently kicking ass rings very true in my ears.