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Keeping Ice Cream Frozen


I recently made Dip N Dots ice Cream with liquid nitrogen. Problem is I can not keep it ready to eat for days because it must be kept at sub-zero temperatures (-20 to -70 F). Is there anyway to keep it that cold using dry ice in a styrofoam cooler?


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why is it trolling? I just want to know how to keep the ice cream cold at sub-zero temps.


I do not get it why is this considered trolling?


Have you tried using a mixture of ice (regular) and rock salt in your cooler?

You could just put your container in that mixture--it should keep at sub-zero temps for a while before needing replacement.


No, the dry ice will evaporate. If you have access to liquid Nitrogen why not use that? Oh, and don't get any on yourself.



You can use dry ice but, I think you would have to replace it after 48 hrs depending on the amount. So, if the regular ice and salt mix is viable I would try that since it would be cheaper.


Have you tried Googling it? Im not trying to be a smartass. Im sure there are sites that would probably help you out. I would probably go with dry ice myself. It just depends how long you want to save it.

And how the hell he a troll Rob5?


Just don't let the salt water get into the ice cream....it won't be too sweet when ya eat it. Happened once to me, not fun.



What kind of moron makes ice cream that can't be eaten for days?

The whole point of homemade ice cream is to have a tasty frozen treat that can be eaten as soon as it's made.

Besides ice cream is supposed to look like ice cream, not like a bucket of rainbow colored deer turds.


why not just charge the mixture at point of sale/when you want it? If everything is prepped it is a super quick process right? I have made nitro milkshakes a few times and am having fun with making lemon cello fused whipped cream.


Awesome post.