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Keeping HCG for Next Cycle

Currently on 500 test e and 300 tren e a week. I have hcg for pct along with nolva. I was just wondering, my nuts didn’t shrivel or anything, can I just save the HCG for my next cycle or should I use it anyways?

If you have already mixed it it has a pretty short shelf life.

That’s a common misconception, ball size being taken as a sign of production. I can tell you I didn’t see any real shrinkage until I switched to blast and cruise and even then it was like 6-8 months in that I finally saw size change. If your gear is legit then I guarantee your natural production is nill regardless of size.

HCG is in a simple but shell a synthetic version of how our bodies tell itself to produce testosterone. It is not a PCT drug at all infact if taken as a PCT drug along with a SERM it will actually hinder recovery. The way you wrote HCG and PCT in your post I felt I needed to cover that. You can take HCG up until you start PCT but don’t overlap them. The old school way of using HCG was to blast that shit right before PCT for 2-3 weeks or so. That way you got your balls producing testosterone thus making the transition from cycle to natural a softer experience.

As far as do you NEED HCG to make a proper recovery, no plenty of guys don’t use it and have no issues. As far as can you keep it, provided you didn’t mix it then yes you should be okay storing it in the fridge. It should be fairly potent past it’s expiration date if properly stored.