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Keeping Gut Down As a Beginner

heya guys i have just started lifting weights like 2 weeks ago, however i am eating lots off peanut and high calorie foods, and i have noticed that my tummy is getting bigger already, i want to put some solid pounds on, but how can i keep my tummy from getting
too much fat while bulking, is it possible?

Read John Berardi’s Massive Eating, that’s one strategy (I use and like it). Check the beginner sticky on nutrition.

ah ok thanks alot i’ll check it out

Post your diet and weight.

Don’t go overboard on calories, you are a beginner and are going to put on quality muscle , even with a bad diet and poor exercise selection. This is not a reason to have a shitty training program or a reason to eat like shit. It is more than possible to put on mass while losing body fat, especially as a beginner.

Read the stickies, eat good whole foods, with nice lean protein sources, and learn to bust your ass in the gym. Everything else will fall into place.

Drop the shit from your diet and stop drinking if you do. Magical things will happen.