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keeping gains

I did a nice workout/diet plan for about 4 months and I gained around 20 pounds. however, once I quit the weights, my new muscle has since disappeared completely from my physique. I started back up agian, and I just wanted some advice on how to keep it on this time around, once I’m off my training program?

Off your training program?

you can lower intensity and volume and what not, but you can’t stop it completely. You think your body wants to support all that muscle while it knows you aren’t using it?

I never EVER thought anyone would do that, well unless you watch alot of the Young and the Restless, or alot of Rosie O’Donald…once Im off my training program he says…

You are kidding, right? Why the hell would you come “off” the training program? I can’t believe people like you exist. I think I have been training seriously for about 7 years. I wasn’t aware that I should have quit a long time ago. Why would your “muscles” stay if you aren’t working out? Here’s what you do, buy some party balloons…

LMAO! Buy some balloons…! HA HA HA!

What they mean to say is that if you want to keep muscle, you need to maintain a program of resistance training. You can “back off” on the intensity a bit, as well, you can stop “eating big”. You will shrink, but you’ll continue to look good (which seemingly is what you want)