Keeping Gains Post Cycle

Suppose that prior to the cycle the “natural” maximum was reached, so any gains during the cycle were beyond what could be achieved without steroids. After a cycle, roughly how long can one expect to keep the muscle gained during the cycle, without beginning another cycle?

For example, suppose someone gains 20 lbs on their first cycle. Roughly how many months will it be before they only weigh only 10 lbs more than they did prior to the cycle? (i.e. what’s the half-life of gains made beyond natural maximum?)

Thank you.

Probably 3 weeks since you will lose a great deal of water weight once the AAS are gone…

Personally I think you can keep the majority of your muscle gains depending on how fast you natural test production comes on line. Can you answer what your lean mass is at your maximum/optimal natural weight?

Depending on your lifestyle (diet, training, stress) it isn’t too difficult to maintain a large amount of muscle mass while natural. The natural limit that is mentioned frequently is more of a point where gains slow WAY down, but they don’t really stop. As far as retaining gains during post-cycle recovery, you might want to check out info on Prisoner#22’s test taper as PCT. A lot of users (not all) have said they maintained srength and more muscle mass compared to traditional PCT. The end result as far as recovery will be the same, but you might be able to hold on to a bit more muscle with the test taper. Something to look in to.

You should be able to keep a good bit of your gains provided you have a good taper/pct, post cycle diet, post cycle training, etc