Keeping Gains Post Cycle

Hey fellas,

Just finished running my second cycle on gear. Ran test e along with dbol for some awesome gains. Now that I take on PCT,in which I am left with the less eventful side of gear. What are your experience keeping gains post cycle? Everyone is different and have heard different stories from my bros but I am interested in everyone else’s experience. Appreciate the feedback

Depends how much water you hve put on and how clean your diet is.

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In my experience you lose most of your gains unless you keep cycling or cruise. That’s why I don’t recommend starting because you get hooked and never run just one.

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Absolutely, I would agree with that statement. You most definitely get “hooked”, I think as long as research and work is put into it, you can enjoy the gains while being safe cycling on and off!

In regards to keeping the gains on, I’m happy with how much I have retained thus far, I have been off cycle for a month now and have lost only 5 pounds. I’m already looking forward to my next

Everyone I know who runs on/off cycles loses their gains. Maybe staying on longer 16-20 weeks and only coming off for a few weeks 4 weeks before jumping back on again might make a difference, but then why not just stay on a TRT dose for 12 weeks before jumping back on higher doses for 12 weeks.

I never understood the need to come off. Waste of time, $ and aggravation losing gains, buying PCT stuff which is outrageously priced and dealing with possible crappy sides and hormone balance issues.

Same here. Everybody I know who has done AAS has eventually stopped and lost their gains. That’s why I feel its important to have several years under your belt to determine if you are a lifer at the gym or not. Just look at all the ex wrestlers and body builders out there. Go to google images and search before and after pics of them. Its ridiculous. I realize this is a pharma forum so I’m not trying to be negative for the sake of being negative. However, you need to be aware its a commitment of continual use and likely eventual need for TRT.

That rare beast, Just One Cycle Man, is hard to spot in the wild. Your gains, natty or enhanced, are dictated by your diet and your training. That said, if you go the enhanced route early then your baseline body is sculpted in an environment that is by definition unnatural for your biology. Maintaining muscle mass that was achieved in a supraphysiological state is significantly harder than if you did so naturally.

Think of it like this: I give you a nice street car that you take to the track every weekend. It’s got a good, peppy naturally aspirated engine and is suitable for racing. You have it for a few weekends and have some fun. Then I put a turbo on it and tell you to go nuts. Over the course of the next year you drive it faster and better each weekend. By the end of the year you’ve got a solid lap time and you’ve learned a lot about driving it. Then I take the turbo off and you go back to a good-but-not-great engine. Those skills you learned will always be with you. You’ll be a better driver than you were at the start. But you’ll never beat your best lap time without that turbo.