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Keeping Gains Made Off Test E

I was wondering (from personal experience) how successful you guys are at keeping gains made from a Test Only cycle (Test E to be specific).

Here’s the deal, I ran a dbol/deca cycle before. I forget the exact dosages but I know they were low, I think it may have been around 200-300mg/week for 8 weeks. The dbol was used for the first 4 weeks at 20-25mg/day.

I’m looking to run a cycle of test over the summer I’m getting 15 amps with 250mg in each. Now I know 500mg/week for about 10 weeks is commonly recommended, but I’m looking to keep the dosage lower for a few reasons…

  1. I want to keep the gains as lean as possible (I’m not looking to gain an incredible amount of weight very quick, just slow and steady)

  2. I would like to see how test affects me at a lower dose before jumping into a higher dosed cycle

  3. If possible I would like to keep bloat down to a minimum (maybe add proviron in during cycle)

  4. I want to keep as much as a can post cycle (I plan on using just nolva b/c clomid turns me into a 13year old girl emotionally)

originally I was thinking
250mg/week for 10weeks

other option
375mg/week for 10weeks

All opinions and comments are welcome Especially if someone here has ran a lower dose Test E only cycle

The reason I asked the original question about keeping gains is b/c on many steroid effectiveness charts Test E gets only one star for keeping gains while others like deca have four, but I don’t want to do another deca only cycle. I will not do this cycle if I’m going to lose most of my gains afterwards.
Here’s one of the charts…

I’m 23, 6’1, 205lbs


hey buddy,
i never did run a test e only cycle, but pretty close to it. i think you’ll have no problem w/ 375/wk in terms of keeping gains (assuming decent pct). as far as bloat, i used aromasin during my cycle a didn’t feel like i had any bloat. sorry i cant directly relate to your situation but no one else had responded yet so i thought i’d throw my 2 cents in.

most of my cycles, when I first started doing cycles were test e only.
sometimes a jump start with d- bol,
but test e was the only injectable.

with good pct I kept a lot of gains made. the doses early on were low like you are looking at, 250mg to 500 mg week.everyone is different and everyones gear is different but at that dose my side affects were minimal.

if it wasn’t for your interest
in your bodys reaction to test e I
would say something like EQ is much better suited for your goals, but I
understand your caution, and I also
believe test should be your base almost

With dbol in the cycle, might as well do “strength cycles” for most of your large muscle groups. IE: start a 8-10 week bench progression, do the same for back and legs.

Dont lift for pump on the dbol, take advantage of the strength and increased recovery. Means keeping reps down, but using heavy weight loads to stimulate fibre gains and gain use of neurological ( nervous system ) that you are not able to access without…

To keep most of your gains, have to keep your mindset intact, you know you are going to lose some water retention, so prepare for it.

IMHO too many people get on d-bol and go after the quick gratification of the d-bol pumps instead of taking advantage of the huge recovery advantage and huge strength you have while on.

Do alot of damage, sooo many people here are wussing and saying that you have to recover, etc, etc. Well what do you think the roids are for?

Roids allow for increased recovery and muscle gain over non-roided.

Kill it, stack up workouts in shorter time period, gain actual strength that you get to keep. You will build up muscle from doing more and more damage at higher loads.

And don’t chase d-bol pumps, thats just cosmetic.

While on your juce, I say have diet and supplementation in order, IE: aminos, protein, have items for diet already purchased for first month, steaks, chickens, tuna, fish, etc, creatine.

If you are trying to pack on “meat”, keep in mind you gain “meat” better while you are a bit fatter than normal. Don’t have to be pillsbury doughboy, but dont try to pack on meat while you are ripped, when you can pack on “meat” faster if you have a small gut instead. Be 20 lbs fatter than normal. Pack on “meat” in strategic places and then cut.

Might be better to cut while on a test based cycle anyway because will reduce muscle mass loss. And one way to think about, is it really muscle mass loss or simply fluid retention in muscle lost while you keep most of fibres?

I say 12 weeks for adding “meat”, 8 weeks for “cutting”, then coming off with testicular jumpstart, and do anabolic type diet lifestyle while off the roids.

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