Keeping Gains after two weeks of finasol

I’m about to do a 2 week cycle of finasol. I know I don’t need clomid for this short of a cycle, but I am concerned with how much of my gains I will be able to keep after the two weeks. I know tribex is probly the way to go, but I’d like to hear some more insight and experience on this.

You really don’t need to worry about it after a two-week “on” period. You won’t experience any HPTA suppression, so the only “losses” you’ll see will be a lessening of androgenic water retention over the next one to two weeks. Just keep training hard after the “on” period and don’t drastically cut your calories. You should come out of it with a fairly decent increase in LBM.

I did a three week cycle of finasol in late December 2000. I put on nearly 12 pounds and my strength went way up (not nearly as high as my sex drive, however). It’s now more than 3 months later and my weight and strength are still there. I did lose some size, however, but I’m much more muscular than I was before the cycle. I didn’t stop finasol cold turkey, I gradually reduced the sprays from 14x2 to 7x2 and then again to 7x1 with each new spraying protocol lasting two days. I also used Tribex 5x2 for the duration of two bottles.
In regards to training, I went from the old GVT program right into Ian King’s 12 weeks to superstrength program. Maybe it was beginners luck, but I’m going to do the exact same thing the next time I decide to use finasol.