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Keeping Gains After a Blast w/ High TRT Cruise

Hey guys,

I’ve been on TRT for the last 6 months. I was diagnosed with Low Test about 4 years ago when I was 20 and it took this long to get on injections because they were trying to figure out what was causing it.

Blood work has been monitored over 4 months and things are in the sweet spot. I even managed to fix my anemia since I now have more red blood cells.

I’m currently on 250mg of test a week (clearly a high TRT dose).

I was thinking about running 500mg a week for a 12-week cycle and then going back to 250mg a week after.

I was wondering if after the cycle since I’m not going to be doing a PCT am I more likely to maintain my gains because I’m going back down to a high TRT level?

Just curious to know how much can be maintained.

Depends. If you’re good with diet and training after your cycle is over you can certainly retain a fair bit of actual muscle. The total weight you keep will be impacted by how much of your blast gains are water and glycogen. But real muscle? Should be able to maintain a bunch.



Also another question, not sure if you can answer it for me.

Since i’m taking Sust 250 once a week, should the other ester I run be a shorter acting one like C or E? Opposed to injecting sust 2 times a week?

You should be injecting sustanon a minimum of twice a week already. If you want to get more precise it should be dosed eod, but that becomes a pain in the ass (literally and figuratively) after a few weeks.

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what do your levels look like on this dose?

Ahh I haven’t been splitting my dose. My nurse just hits me with the 1ml injection every week.

So I’ll just up the dose to 2ml a week EOD

41.5 nmol/L 5 days after injection. The range says (11.5-32.0)

Well no, that’s not how you’d do it. Because doing it that way is no longer trt. You take the existing dose and just cut it in half and take it twice a week. If your doctor doesn’t let you do your own injections then find a new doctor.

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I have been running TrT for 15 months now. I decided to up my dose and didnt time it right. Doc noticed what I was doing thru lab work. He saw thru my bullshit. I was at 100mgs a week, which put me into the 800’s. I upped it to 200mgs a week, which pushed me into the high 1200’s.

He said if my Test levels are that high on his dosage, he was going to reduce the dose. That would ultimately screw me. He told me, stay on the protocol he gave me for 6 months, get the lab work done, Then I dont have labs for another 6 months. He warned me, if I come in that high again, he is lowering my Test dose.

That is plenty of time to do a 3 month blast, not to mention I can stockpile my test during the beginning.

the natural body produces between 42-49mg a week of test. If you exclude ester weight, you’re probably taking between 150-175mg a week of testosteronet. That’s 3 times the natural amount of testosterone a normal person produces(obviously not all of it is going to be broken down properly) so if you can’t maintain gains on a high ass TRT cruise you aren’t lifting right and your diet would suck. One of my good friends is an IFBB pro and he cruises at 200mg to put it into perspective. If you lose any weight it’s not muscle weight so don’t worry. Shit, I can make hella gains off of 250mg of test lol.

Maybe I didn’t explain it correctly, sorry.

I am allowed to inject myself, but have been doing research over the last few months since I started because I just didn’t feel confident jabbing a needle into myself hence why I got the nurse to do one dose once a week a week.

I am going to inject myself and do it twice a week for the meantime until I start my first cycle.

When I do start my first cycle that’s when I’ll just inject EOD to reach 500mg a week.

Ahh thanks for the heads up!

I don’t have my bloods for another year, so i’ll have plenty of time after a blast.

Another year ?? Why sooo long … that’s not good

Thanks that clears things up.

I don’t have my bloods due for another 8 months so I’m going to up my dose to 500mg a week of Sust 250 injecting EOD.

After the 12 week blast, i’ll drop back down to 250mg a week and just maintain my gains.

Happy days.

because they’ve monitored my blood levels after several injections and everything looks good.

I can get a check whenver I want, but I don’t want to get checked when blasting otherwise my doc will either drop the dose or stop me from TRT

I’ve been on TRT for 6 years. Done my share of blasting with various compounds.

My experience has been this as a powerlifter:

First cycle was 500 test 12 weeks and 20mg dbol for 8 weeks. Got big and strong and gained weight easily.

Second cycle was 500 test 250 EQ for 16 weeks. Strength went up but size stayed the same.

Every cycle since included test, deca, dbol, anadrol, and EQ. No difference.

This last cycle just finished up 500 test and 500 EQ for 10 weeks. No significant difference. During the middle of the cycle I started 2iu of growth EOD.

My experience has been if you want to see change, don’t lean on the drugs. Mind your training, diet and sleep. Those make the biggest difference.

I’ll probably give Tren E a try starting with small dosage to see how I respond. But I can’t see using more than 250 of test E per week anymore. It’s a waste of $ for me.

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Thanks for the insight mate :muscle:

So what’s your eod dose going to be?

My I get 1ml amps from my pharmacy of sust 250 so I’ll do .5ml EOD

You don’t need to run Sustanon EOD unless you want to. Its just as effective dosing twice a week.