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Keeping Fat Away in PCT


Hi everyone, I've already finished my cutting cycle and y want some advice about post cycle diet.
It was my first cycle:

test p 100mg eod 1-12
mast p 100mg eod 6-12
A-dex. 0,5mg eod. 1-12
Hcg 500iu/ week 2-12

Day 1 ---> 80mg
Day 2-14 --> 40mg
Day 14-30 --> 20mg

DAA 3g ed

Results was great I droped 3,5% BF and gain a little of lean muscle. I'm about to start pct and I want to keep fat gain away as posible. So I've calculate my calories with mcardle method:

3.000 kcal maintenance

Proteín 250g (1000 kcal)
Fats. 70g. (630 kcal)
Carbs. 340g (1370 kcal)

And I will do 40min low intensity cardio a day

Age: 20 years old (5 years serious training)
72,5 kg
1,77 cm
8,5% BF
Goal: compete in April 2015 (clasic bodybuilding)

Thank you everyone for your attention.


160lbs at 5’9" after 5 years of serious training and atleast 1 AAS cycle… You beed to look at your self in the mirror and have a talk with your self because obviously something is off with you.


are you a woman?


Not after 300mg of Prop for 12 weeks hahaha


[quote]Reed wrote:
Not after 300mg of Prop for 12 weeks hahaha[/quote]

lol, masteron too. Can you imagine?

The mad scientist in me does wonder what that’d do to a chick. Like, imagine a girl ran 1g test and 50mg dbol a day. What’d she end up looking like? Or the classic test/tren/mast. It’d be such a freakshow! The fucked up thing is there’s definitely girls out there doing it.