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Keeping Eco Oil Packets Sealed


I have just ordered Eco Oil Packets. The supplier description says to use a multi-use vial. However, they don't sell the multi-use vial. Does anyone know what the importance of keeping the oil seeled and what to do with the extra oil for the week until next dosage is due without the multi-use vial to store it in? Any advise would be helpful.



The Importance of keeping the oil sealed is to maintain sterility. You want to deff store the oil in a sterile enviorment. If you need a source for multi-use vials just PM me.

But if all you have is syringes and your ready to use the stuff now is just keep what you have left over in the syringe then just switch needles out each time you inject.

But with this way their is to much room for error, so me personally I would just get a sterile vial and keep it in there.
Hope this is some what helpful.


Suck up the extra oil in another syringe. It'll stay sterile and you don't have to mess with vials.


Yea what Schwarz said. This guy knows his stuff.


i read not to keep extra oil in syringe for more than a couple of days. Should i keep it in fridge as well.


When I used to use products that came in sachets, I'd always store the unused product in another syringe (without the needle, of course) and store it in the fridge. I'd be cautious about keeping it there for a prolonged period of time, but if you plan on using it again within the week, it should be fine.


Great resource for multidose vials and excellent service to boot.


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My mistake, I forgot to leave out the fact I shrink wrap the syringe and leave the needles in their original plastic container. I guess I overlooked it because it's become second-nature with anything perishable I leave in the fridge.


That all sounds good except for the part about injection some and then leaving the rest in the syringe after you inject, for next time. Even switching needles, don't do this. Keep everything as sterile as possible.