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Keep Your Injections Sanitary



check out the homeboy on the far left of the show.

abcesses aren't cool in bodybuilding lol


It's a sunny Friday afternoon day after work and that video just ruined it. Thanks...


Already been posted in the Bodybuilding section, but definitely gross.


holy Fa


DOH, you need to bring that up? Your post sounds like a douche


My fucking god. That is sick as fuck!


BTW - he wasn't gonna win anyway! :wink:


I lol'd


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That is unbelievable. And in High Def!! In the bodybuilding forum they are all suggesting synthol use, but this looks like what could happen with just a typical abscess doesn't it?


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HAHAHA. The vid isn't working for you I guess?

A bodybuilder strikes a back double bi, putting pressure on his abscessed shoulder. White fluid starts to leak out slowly at first then spills out quite a bit and he has to exit stage left.


It's a vid scroll down to click play


BBB i thought the same thing. Its not just a photo though, scroll down a little on the screen and theres a play button. Then you will see the light!!


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If that was an abscess, wouldn't the guy have been in intense pain from the pressure of all that fluid? That leads me to suspect synthol.

Bence: How in your delt doing? BTW, good description of what happened in the video.


Thanks DH. Less redness and slightly less sore even though I didn't take and advil today so I think I am in the clear but I am keeping an eye on it.


I can tell you it is an abcess, and the white liquid is puss.

I was there and I know people that were near to him. What we don't see in the video is that the fluid first was going out like when you empty a syringe and then it flew as we see it. It popped like a champagne bottle.

What I've been told also, is the guy sucked up a 30cc the day before... he finished his evening at the hospital...


I'd bet money on it being an abcess from injecting something into his shoulder. My guess would be the guy tried to drain it himself and didn't finish the job correctly. This would lead to a scab, etc and as soon as the puss filled back up and he applied the pressure through posing BAM! leaking on stage LOL

It's not synthol...you bunch of bandwagoners. lol why would somebody put a big ass lump of synthol into one shoulder. You can see the lump before it bursts lol

just kidding about the bandwagoner thing, it does get old with everybody ALWAYS jumping to that conclusion lol

also sorry for the repost, I found it better suited for this forum and I didn't see it on the bb forum lol I don't read a ton of threads anymore.


Something any newbie should see before thinking of adding AAS