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Keep Wt the Same or Increase Each Set?


Just reading one of dorian yates routines the other day and noticed he did an ascending pyramid kind of technique.
e.g 15 reps with 120lbs, 12 reps with 240lbs, 8 reps with 450lbs or something like that.
Just wondering what would be good about this kind of technique instead of just multiple setting with the same weight and reps.


Doesn't really matter. But unless you are dorian yates, this program probably isn't for you.

EDIT: Um... I'll give you a better answer actually. Here is my opinion. If you are going to add weight on the bar each workout/week, then the method of multiple sets with the same weight may be better. But if you are just going to warm-up and push as hard as you can, then pyramiding may be better.

EX: 135x5, 185x5, 250x3, 300 x 10,10,10,10

Week 2: 135x5, 185x5, 255x3, 305 x 10,10,10,10


135x15, 185x12, 250x8, 300x6, 325x4

I personally like the first method better, because you warmup to your working weight and then the majority of your reps are done at the working weight. I feel that the second method just has too many reps that are too light, and by the time you get to your working weight you are already tired. (Now I know this isn't the only way of pyramiding, but thats how a lot of peopel would do it)

It could look more like this:

Warmup sets.......... 300x12, 315x10, 325x8, 335x6, etc.

That would be more effective in my opinion, and then its kinda just a decision you make. The first method seems more controlled to me, and easier to add weight each week. The second method is more chaotic, and can easiliy over tax you if you are taking too many sets too failure. But the second method may be better if you dont need as much volume, and need to use heavier loads

***Maybe start with the first method, to get some volume in while you are growing, and then switch over to pyramiding to get the weights up.


I've been doing the 'yates' style type of training where i increase weight each set to a top set for the past 6 months and have made very good gains (40lbs wt gain, more than doubled my lifts).

I'm thinking of increasing the volume by using the same weight (or a similar weight) for a few sets in a row to give my joints a rest and perhaps stimulate some more muscle growth.


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Well, the volume is pretty low, the exercises are basic, muscles are hit at a good frequency... it's a good program for anyone.


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