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Keep Tweaking My Neck


Hey all,

I keep tweaking my neck. It's happened to me through-out the years of working out, but recently (past couple months) it feels like every other week or two. I was up today at 530 to hit the gym before work, and literally as I'm walking out I do quick arm stretch out of nowhere I tweak my neck and now I can't go.

My theory is that I had a little more serious neck sprain that I am not rehabilitating correctly and it's leading to easy re-injury. I usually just ice it, take a few days off and ease myself back into the gym.

At this point I may have to go to the doctor and get some professional PT. But I have the extra time this morning and wanted to see if other weightlifters had similar experiences or pointers?

As I'm writing this I realized I switched my workout routine to the morning a few months ago because my office job is usually a 9am-9pm type deal. Too tired to go afterwards. I wonder if my body is too stiff in the morning..

Any ideas?


whereish on your neck. how does your movement feel restricted?


Upperneck - if I turn my head to the right it hurts..