Keep to Schedule or Not?

I over did my triceps on Tuesday (first time doing pull overs, skull crushers, and over head unilateral extensions.), they are still sore, I’ve been just improvising and not keeping to a schedule since then, becuase its effecting a lot of other lifts. Is this normal? or should i just keep to it and just go lighter on my tricep related exercises? I still feel like i’m getting a good workout, just working around an “injury” or is this the wrong way to look at it? Thanks.


I’ve been lifting for 22 weeks now. been doing pretty much the same basic exercises, playing with splits and volume. I’ve been trying new lifts the last week or so to see what works to switch it up. I’ve gone from 95 to 175 bench, I’ve been trying to fix anterior pelvic tilt, and I went from never dead lifting due to back pain, to, I lifted 205 yesterday for 4 reps. I’ve put squats on the back burner for now, due to the pelvic tilt and trying to stretch them daily, so no numbers there. weight from 195 to 215, but I defiantly don’t look any fatter, my shirts are filling out in the top not the bottom for once. Not the most impressive end numbers, but to me those gains are huge. I just want to keep the gains coming. It’s addicting.

Well I mean if your triceps are sore then its normal not to work them, but if they are just a bit tender and you could lift some weight without serious pain then I mean do it. Its all about auto-regulation, just because your schedule says do this on this day at exactly this time then what about situations like this when you can’t?
Maybe your doing to much volume or the frequency of tricep exercises is to much, doing too many pushing movement? Just play around
It feels bad that you cant train your triceps but also find inventive and new things to do instead, your triceps will gradually adapt and get stronger (SAID principle) as you said it was the first time you did those NEW movements, so of course its a fresh attack on the triceps and they are probably like WTF!? lol as I said keep it up and SAID will occur…

Trying to train through a real injury is never a good idea. Best to give yourself time to heal and get back into things slowly. Muscle pain from normal lifting, or DOMS - delayed onset muscle soreness - what you feel 24-48 hours after working a muscle group hard, is different. For this it is best to take a couple of days to rest, and resume your training. After time working that body part, the soreness should not be as intense the next day. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish a real injury (like a sprain) from plain old DOMS. Time and experience will help you listen to your body better and distinguish.

Just a little tip for future use. Use new movements one at a time, you’ll get a better feel for what portion of the muscle they emphasize. Write it down in your log or journal for future reference, it could be a big help later down the line when you want to correct an imbalance or weakness.