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Keep the damn kids off the lawn...


Yesterday laid around a lot, back tight, forearms shot, and started to notice I at least strained my pecs when missing my 2nd and third benches.

I did go out and go grocery shopping. Cried a little when my cart was loaded with brown rice, oatmeal, boneless skinless chicken breasts, ground turkey, veggies, and not much else...

This a.m. got up at 5. Found some old and dusty fat burners, popped them, then did 30 minutes elliptical.

P.M. Prowler, 90lb x 40 yards x 10. It was raining out, this sucked. Afterwards did ab wheel, 3 x 10. This sucked too. Actually it all sucked. But needs to be done.

Don't have any meet on the horizon, but would like something maybe in March or April, so have my eyes peeled.


Check me out with the first post on the new log. Just to make you feel sad about the chicken and brown rice, we went to 'Farmer Al's' yesterday and loaded up on all sorts of meat. T-bones were on sale and I got lots. I also got goat that I made into curry tonight. It wasn't great; too gristly.

What kind of fat burners did you blow the dust off? I like some of them just because they make me feel good depending on what kind they are.


That's a depressing shopping trip. Mine may look very similar on Dec. 5.

Ms. O, there is almost no part of a goat that is edible by North American standards. Maybe the back-strap, in an emergency. My hat's off to you for for giving it a go.


Jack and Ms O, thanks for stopping by. In the past I have never had a problem with eatin' clean. It just makes for lots of chewing. Element number 255 that contributed to me going from 275 to 308 was that, with new job, I didn't feel comfortable being that guy chewing food all day. So I picked food I could slam. Not good for me.

hmmm, goat curry sounds awesome. I haven't made a curry in a while. Have some recipes still from my Mick and Limey hooligan buddies. 'The way mum makes it'.

O, dusted off some crappy cheap Walmart stuff. Have better ephedrine stuff on order. I love my stimulants...


This a.m. I pried myself away from sleeping 4 year old, infant, and wife, and climbed onto the stupid elliptical for 30 minutes.


Brute Stength in Norfolk is having another SPF meet March 15th. i'll be doing that one... full power this time.

finally gett'n back in the gym today after three weeks of doing absolutely nothing.


Meat, I just caught wind that there will another APF meet here about that time. I will be obligated to do that one. Found out about 20 minutes ago and immediately have begun plotting how my training will go between then an now...


Good for you.

Not sure I've ever been on an elliptical. Doesn't sound like fun. Your shopping cart doesn't sound too bad. I'm going to start watching more closely what I eat as well. But for different reasons.


Hey petey, running a little late, just checked out your meet report. Great work.

so now, your going to spud out and do a bodybuilding show it sounds like.


Hey John,

I don't know if I could Spud's stickwithit for that long of duration. I historically end up gaining before a meet, this time around it was just more than I am happy with. I will chicken-breast-and-tuna it for awhile, get comfortable again, then probably eat my way back up to the next meet.


this a.m. 30 minutes elliptical. 3 days in a row. The trick will be to do this on the mornings after late night training:)


just schedued nose surgery for 12/28. Looking forward to having some training after that where a) I can breath and b) I don't get sick every 3 weeks.


I think that's awesome. I also bet that as bad as it seems now, you don't realize how far from normal you really are now because you are so used to dealing with it. I bet once its fixed you will be like, "Holy Shit! I can breathe!"


Yeah Jack, I have been dealing with it for a long time, and it does seem to get worse each year. Right now the nosebleeds are horrendous. One happened the other night at probably the most inopportune time imaginable. My poor wife.....


thats why it supposed to be monkey on bottom. the nosebleeds. its from the altitude.


Well, enuff deloadin'

nothing heavy tonight though

bench 5 x 10 @225, maybe 40 seconds rest between sets

dbell inclines 3 x 15 w/100s

JM press 4 x 12 w/225

bradford press 4 x 15

ropedown/extension 4 x 15-20 each

dumbell curls 3 x 8 w/60s


JM press with 225? Damn... nice.


Lovely. Lovely.

What's up with your nose? How long will you have to take off from training?



In my misspent youth I may have taken too many blows the face. The ear/nose/throat guy said my septum looked like an accordian. I will be out of training for a few days only hopefully. Don't think I will be jumping into heavy geared work right of the bat, but he said I could do medium-high exertion is just a few days.

To give an example, last night I was up all night with drainage, bloody drainage. No where to go but my stomach. Nice. That and I just have the horrid lethargic sinusitis feeling. Guess last round of antibiotics didn't do the trick, started some heavier ones an hour ago. No training today, but hopefully I will feel like a million bucks tomorrow.


this a.m. 30 minutes elliptical. feeling like crap. off to work.