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Keep Running with Fierce 5 or Switch it Up?

Ive been running fierce 5 for 7 month so far I started as a beginner, most of my lift progress stopped when I went on a cut but im planning on going back to bulk
Should I look at other program or stick with fierce 5 novice program?
my lift went from:
squat 135 /265 3 x5
Bpress 115/155 3x5
OHP 95/115 3x5
Lat pulldown 80/135 3x8
rdl 85/185 3x8
Pendlays 85 /185 3x8

Im 32, started at 165lbs to 180lbs back to 170 now

also how are my numbers in comparison with each other, feels my bench is lagging behind

As long as your still progressing on the program then there’s no need to switch it up.
Also you shouldn’t cut so frequently. You should wait at least a year before cutting, otherwise you’re just stunting your progress for no real reason.

well i was over 20% so I figured I should cut a bit but I guess I was wrong

Here’s an article about ratios:

I don’t think it’s a priority for you though. IMO, your low bench is from all this cut/bulk. Being bigger will help your bench, and I think Dave Tate said that any small reduction of weight, even water weight, will impact bench

I think you’ve made solid progress with Fierce 5. If you’re going into bulk, why not try 5/3/1 BBB? Those 5x10 BBB sets should especially help your bench

ive read thrue 5/3/1 bbb and it sounds confusing to me. can you point me somewhere I can read it all the way

I dont get it When I look at the sample workout scheme
what am I actually doing?
like Monday says OHP * which means 5/3/1
doesnt that mean that on monday I do 1 set of 5 1 set of 3 1 set of 1 then move on to the 5x10 part?
meaning I rotate the Big 4 ( ohp , bp , dl, squat )
the 5/3/1 lift are at what % of what ? my 1rm?
Like right now I can Ohp 115lbs 3 x 5 , what do I do on the ‘’ ohp day ‘’
also whats a press ? is it an OHP? same with military press?, that whole article is not really clear

Red this

And then this

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these are 2 different workout… makes no sense lol

You’re not looking at the workout. You’re learning what 5/3/1 means. It’s stupid complicated then all of a sudden it’s not. The answers you seek are in those links.


still doesnt make much sense loll to me at least

Did you read the articles?

Week 1 is 3x5 with ramping percentages
Week 2 is 3x3 with ramping percentages
Week 3 is 3 sets: 5 reps, 3 reps, 1 rep
There’s a buncha deload options, but in the past I always just started back onto week 1

BBB is just the stuff AFTER that. If you bench, do 5x10 ohp. If you squat, do 5x10 deadlifts (rough as hell tho haha). The chins/rows/hanging leg raises/ab wheel are important too to balance things out

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You have summed up the two stages of experiencing 5/3/1.

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Yeah move on to programs off this site. If 5/3/1 doesnt resonate do one of these…