Keep Progressing as an Intermediate?

Hi guys, i think i am approaching intermediate stage (i am stalling on stronglifts. I am really close to intermediate standards: bench 225x5, squat 315x5 e deadlift 405x5).

My goal is just bodybuilding btw.

I know that the most important key factors to progress are “eating enough” and train hard… Yet i was wondering what are good ways to progress. I think it can’t work for a long time something like “3x10 bench on mondays” and add weight every week. If it worked this way i would bench 405 in one year ahaha which is obviously ridicolous.

Should i apply linear progression or something else? Should i still focus on the big three? Well… Thanks in advance.

I’m not a bodybuilder, but if your goal is bodybuilding, why are you following stronglifts? Why aren’t you training as a bodybuilder would train?

This site has a LOT of programs to use that would help suit your goal. You shouldn’t focus on the big 3 at all, since that’s a powerlifting thing. Your goal is bodybuilding: you should focus on bodybuilding.

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Yeah what pwn said. You do know that SL isn’t bodybuilding program, right?

Thank you. That is a ggod advice but my problem with most intermediate routine is that they do not tell you how to progress.

If a chest workout is like 3-4x8-12 bench press, incline db press, flies, dips… I see a problem with progression… I do not think i can add weight to the bar every week for more than like 2 months.

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Then add reps instead. It’s 8-12. Do 4x8, then 1x9 and 3x8, then 2x9 and 2x8, then 3x9 and 1x8, then 4x9, and then keep it up.

That isn’t an intermediate program: that is just basic progression.