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Keep On, Keepin' On...


Sun June 13

warm up 5-10mins on bike
Chin-ups 4x8

1 board 300x5x3 (paused)
speed full power squats 275x5x3
3 board 315x2x4 335x2x3

dmb flyes

btw-Im a 37yr old lifter. My best bench right now is 360x1, deadlift (sumo) 475x1, full power squat 375x1.


Mon June 14th

6 intervals with my son. 1 min. hard run, 2 min jog/walk.

This killed me.


Tues June 15

wu 5-10 mins of bike
Pull-ups 4x6-8

Sumo deadlifts 385x6x3 (80%)
Pyramid bench (50-80%) 185x5/225x2x5/265x2x4/295x2x3/265x2x5/225x2x7/185x10
Deficit (conv) deads (roughly 5 inches) 335x2x3 355x2x3

shrugs 2x10
seated gm 2x10




Thank you.


Wed. June 16

Intervals with my son 8 30s run 1m walk/jog. Hard.


Thurs June 17

wu 5-10 bike
HS low row 4x15

Full Power Squats 315x3x2 (80%) 345x2x1 (90%) 365x1 all pretty easy..did the 365 cause the 345 felt light
Speed Bench 190x9x3 (52%)
Full Power Squats (starting just above parallel) 495x4x4

bi-curls 3x12
lying leg curl 2x10

Squats felt easy today, which I'm happy for since it's my hardest lift.


Fri June 18

wu 10m bike
pullups 4x5/6

Speed Deads (conv & sumo) 335x10x1
Incline Bench 155x5x5 (65%)
Rope Tri-ext 20/15/12/2x8
Rack Pulls (3rd hole) 495x2x4 545x2x2 585x2x2

seated gm 2x10

Good day.


Welcome Scott. Putting up some great numbers. I can't even think about doing those intervals. I'd most likely have a stoke.


Thanks alot. I'm slowly getting to where I'd like to be. As for the intervals, they are so hard for me, I'm not meant to do them I say, haha.


Welcome to the 'Geriatrics Ward', where the largest supplement group is pain relievers. Better do 5/3/1 or MJ will kill and eat you!!! :wink:


Hahahaha. We'll see.


Sun June 20 (w3/d1)

wu 5-10s bike
chin-ups 4x8-10

Bench Press 295x6x3 (80%)
Speed Full Squats 275x5x3 (70%)
2 Board 305x2x4 (80%) 315x3x3 (paused)

dmb flyes 3x20
rope pressdown 3x12
reverse curl 3x12

Very hot in the gym today. I also did some intervals after, these killed me.


Excellent work here. Good to have you at the grown ups table.


Thank you. I figured it was time to move on to the mature crowd, haha.


Welcome to the aches and pains division. Good looking benching there.


Oh... then you're DEFINITELY in the wrong forum! We're 'old', but we all seem to be stuck mentally somewhere between 12-16 years old.

Quick!! Somebody do armpit farts!!!


I love armpit farts.


Mature people don't do armpit farts up yonder? That's how we greet each other here bouts.
Welcome. Putting up some good numbers.


Hahahaha..armpit farts eh! I'll fit in fine then, as most of the time I'm stuck at the age of my son..10.

Tue June 22 (w3/d2)

wu - 8mins of bike
seated row 4x15

Sumo Deads 385x3x3 (80%) 405x3x3 (85%)
Pyramid Bench 50-80% 185-295 (1x5/2x5/2x4/2x3/2x5/2x7/1x10)
Platform Deads (conv) 335x4x2 (80%)

band pullaparts 2x15
band gm 2x20