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keep my face looking young

what can i use to keep my face looking young?

…fill a wash basin with the blood of young virgins…Nah, just fooling. Simple, stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen. Don’t smoke nor drink alcohol. And look at your parents. Cuz, you got their genetics.

clinique 3 step skin care for men.

Drink the blood of your vanquished enemies!

Try Coconut Oil.
http://www.coconut-info.com /virgin_coconut_Oil_for_your_skin.html

I use original non-greasy Vaseline, makes my skin look tanned, even in the winter.

get embalmed

eat your own poop… yes its disguisting but damn me if it doesn’t work.

make sure you don’t lose sleep, otherwise it will show in your face and you’ll look a lot older than you really are.

Lots of good advice out here already. Smoking and alcohol definitely take their toll. So does inadequate rest. I would add that you should always put sunscreen on your face before going out in the morning and good sunglasses are a neccessity. If you have the time to for cleanser, toner, moisturizer(maybe an a.m. moisturizer w/ sunscreen and a p.m. w/o) morning and night, that’s cool too. Clinique 3-step is good. Neutrogena is good as well. go to neutrogena website and take the analysis for recommendations.

for sure, avoid sun exposure. in the morning you could apply an icepack to your face to reduce puffiness. wet teabags on the eyelids tighten up the surrounding tissue as well. collagen or botox injections are also a (temporary) solution.

Rub some man juice on your face every night. It’ll seal in the moisture to keep your face young and wrinkle free. I’m trying to sell my own “cocktail” to the women at the cosmetics counter. They aren’t buying it. I keep telling them that I’ll even mix up a fresh batch and put it on them myself! Still no bites!

That was a good one, LOL!!!