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Keep moving Forward


Alright new log...

Upperbody volume day

cgp bench paused 225x5x5

snatch high pulls 135x10x4

btn press seated 135x15x3

vgrip pull ups bwx15x3

dips bweightx15x3

Some curls


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Had a very nice and pleasant conversation with an individual I greatly admire and respect.

What a great start to a weekend.

Be Relentless.


Great log tittle and one I belive in


I'm looking forward to following the next leg of your journey.

Hope your weekend continues to be fun-filled! Cheers!


Like the "be relentless" -- keeping after it is probably the most important skill of all.




new log.

I will try to follow along


Flat bench 285x4x6 (6 sets of 4)

snatch high pulls 185x4x5

Btn press 185x4x5

vgrp pullups +45lbsx4x8

dips +45lbs x10x3

Barbell curls 115x4x3

Big swole/ hungover from the weekend


pumptastic brah


Nice added 45 to your dainty self and did a buncha PU and dips. Really good looking WO.


Good work, but not quite pumptastic. This is pumptastic:



I wonder if those leopard print ones will make my ankles look big?



Mobility work blah,blah and blah

neck work-neck harness to pulley machine neck done in all 4 cardinal directions.

calf work -standing smith machine heel raises 135x50x5

wrist curls/reverse wrist curls 95/bar x15x4


Those pumps would be hell to squat in, maybe flats?


Nah no problem squatting, it's the fucking lunges I am having problems with...oh and add skipping too.


Power snatches 135x3x3-----woohoo!!! No pain in shoulder/neck.

trapbar deads 385x4x5 start of 6th set right erector decided to act a lil funny so shut it down

ghr's 5x10

ab wheel at home 5x10 first 2 on all are from standing.

Edit: Pain was probaly from those sexy leopard pumps I was sportin'!

Elevated Deads Bro...


What are you....a newbie? They have to be platforms for better comfort/support! Go with platform stilettos to show off your calves! hahahaha!

(See, now that boot camp is over, I can mess with ya!) :slight_smile:


Looking forward to mobility work on the hips tomorrow, to check on my lower back and see how f'ed up it is.

diet is back on. Time to drop another 10 pounds then hold it.

I am between 226-228 in the morning, now to get under 220.


Nice DL work,power snatches,GHR's all good.