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Attention all beautiful bad-asses and macho muchachos!

I just joined this site but have been lurking for a while rather than posting.

My man and I are doing a 7 month transformation (possibly the most time anyone has ever given themselves haha)

"The Girl"--Cara


Oops--didn't mean to post my pic twice! I'm a newb. ha


Welcome! What are your goals ? What is your background with working out? Do tell.


Nice back!


Thanks MaximusB! :slight_smile:

I have split my goals up into phase 1 and phase 2 according to my 7 month training plan.

PHASE 1 -Build a shapely shape! [Late Jan - Mid May]

Performance - Deadlift 225. Press 100. Back squat 160.
Aesthetics - Add shape and muscle to back, arms, and legs.
weight: 130-135 (maintain)

PHASE 2 -Refine the shape. Fat Loss [Mid May - Late August]

Performance - Do pullups and chinups unassisted!
Aesthetics - Get definition in this stomach
weight: 120 - 125

But I suppose you could say my goals are just to lift like the badass chicka I like to think I am and reap the rewards.ha

I've been training for under a year so I am fairly new to the game but started lifting heavy 5 months ago and have been loving it ever since!


THE_CLAMP_DOWN -- Thanks! :slight_smile:


You have some impressive results already, the heavy lifting is paying off from your pic. Keep up the great work !


Yup looking good. Welcome. Are you following a specific program? Just curious.


Sounds like a great plan - Keep up!


Back looks great in your avi - so i'm sure whatever you do will only look better.

What are your number snow for DL, Squat, Press now?