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Keep Losing Weight & BF% ?

Hi, this is my first post here and I have a lot of reading to get started with at this site but I have one main question to start. I have been working out for six months and gone from 257 lbs. to 232 lbs. Lost 7% BF during this time. I am 20% BF right now at six feet tall. Do I keep lowering my BF before I really get started on a good weight program? I currently use the treadmill 4 days a week and lift twice a week losing about a pound a week. It seems to be working so I am going to ride it out for a while but trying to figure out what a good weight and BF% would be before I really start trying to get stronger/bigger.

Switch your 2 times a week weights for a good program from here (plenty to choose from, I like Chad’s). See what happens. You might not make amazing strength gains but it should continue to work nontheless.

Even when dieting weight training should be your focus as it will allow you to maintain LBM and in your case as a newbie even in a caloric deficiency you should still be able to gain LBM simply because your a newb. Diet is the key to losing fat. Supplement that with some cardio and you’ll be fine.

i don’t understand the mindset of losing bodyfat then picking up weight lifting. It is very common and have no clue where people came up with this idea.

You are ahead of many people as you are allready lifting. However if your long term goal incompasses losing body fat and building muscle do what you can for both ends of that goal.

If you started lifting more seriously now you will definatly be able to add alot of strength, and probably add some muscle or at least keep what you have.

By putting lifting on the back burner I really think your only hurting your progress. Basicly your going to go from fat to skinny to muscular… why not skip that skinny step or at least be less skinny.

I pretty much agree with what’s been said here. To answer your original question- there is no magical BF% to hit before trying to hit the weights hard.

I think you’ve misunderstood some of your reading. Most of the time this is discussed it’s based on when to start bulking, not just training. They are not one in the same. You can still continue your diet and your cardio and hit the gym hard without resulting to a bulking diet.

I would say though that 20%BF is still too high to consider bulking due to the 1/4 ratio mentioned on here numerous times.

Just keep with the dieting and cardio to lose the BF%, but hit the weights hard to reap the noob gains you have the ability to.