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Alright guys, I’ve searched around and done my studies. I’m still not ready for my first cycle but I’m trying to make a decent cycle for some mass gains. I’m 6’1" 185 lbs right now been training for about 8 yrs. I still have room to grow naturally but I would like to have some advice ahead of time.
As many of you know I live in Costa Rica so I have pretty easy access to steroids over the counter at my local “farmacia”, although I don’t have access to every steroid available I have a decent selection to choose from “legally”.
From what I have availible and what my goals are I came up with the following 6 week cycle:

Sustanon 500mg 2 shots a week
Primoteston 250mg 1 shot a week
Nolvadex 10mg (not quite sure if I should take every day of the cycle or start it off somewhere in the middle of cycle, like week 2 or 3 and run it till about 2 weeks after last shots)
Clomid 100 mg a day on week 7, 50 mg a day week 8 and 9.
Feed back appreciated.

This is basically just a straight test cycle, sustanon is a 4 ester blend and primoteston is just a trade name for enanthate. So basically you’re just doing a 750mg/week test cycle. Thats fine for a first cycle, but likely i would just use sustanon and up it to 750/week if you think you need and not bother with the enanthate. You can frontload your test during the first week if you want (double your planned weekly dosage). As for your nolvadex, i generally start taking mine once i notice my nipples starting to itch. Some people advocate taking it throughout your cycle. Be sure you have enough available to run up to 20mg/day for your whole cycle. Having some leftover nolvadex is cheaper than gyno surgery. For your recovery, you can also use nolvadex. It works in an almost identical way to clomid, minus the side effects clomid sometimes produces in some people. Take your nolvadex at 40mg/day for two weeks, then 20mg/day for two weeks and that should have you fully recovered. PCT should likely begin 2-3 weeks after your last injection of sustanon because of the long acting esters. For this reason, if you wish to only do a 6 week cycle, test propionate might be a better choice of ester than sustanon. Its half life is much shorter and you would be able to begin PCT a week or less after your last injection. If you have access to prop, this would likely be the best route to go.

As for your clomid, you can take it during PCT, but nolvadex works just as well in the method i specified above. The plan you outlined called for begining PCT far too soon after your last injection. There will still be a great deal of steroid in you causing supression, making begining PCT pointless.

In short, your cycle needs some tweaking.

What if I just went with a 1000mg a week cycle of sustanon and 50 mg clomid daily for 8 weeks and mix in some primobolan the last couple of weeks of the cycle to keep gains.
Cheap and easy for first cycle.

That sounds good. If you’re deadset on a 6 weeker though, i would try to find some test propionate. However, if you plan on bridging, you can use sust effectively too, it will just take longer for the sustanon to clear your system.

Heres how:
Weeks 1-6: Sustanon 1000mg, Clomid 50mg/ed (frontload sustanon week 1 if desired)

Week 6: Inject your last bit of sustanon, and frontload your primobolan at ~600mg. Continue clomid 50mg/ed

Week 7,8,9: No sustanon. Use primobolan at 300mg/week (or more if desired). Continue clomid 50mg/ed.

Week 10-13 (PCT): You might be able to begin PCT in week 9, but probably not before that because of the long acting testosterone esters you are using. You can continue your primobolan during this phase if you wish. Start PCT by using 100mg clomid/ed for week 10 and 11, then 50mg/ed for week 12 and 13. At that point you should be recovered.

If you have access to nolvadex, you might like that better. Nolvadex and clomid are equivalent, with nolva actually being more effective and having less side effects. Also, if this is your first cycle, 1000mg is a fairly agressive dose. Thats not to say you shouldn’t do it, because you should gain great. Test also stacks really well with almost anything, so that is something to consider too.


Sorry i missed your 8 week comment there. Do the cycle the same way, except shift all the week numbers i gave you up by two. The test should be clear of your system after 3 weeks still. So:

1-8 sustanon
8-12 primobolan
13-16 PCT

I wouldn’t run any clomid until PCT. I am even leaning against clomid altogether these days and may switch to nolva only PCT and fomestane during cycle time.

I appreciate your advice, I might consider doing 750 of sust a week and the 300 primo after, due to cost of primo (damn that shit expensive). I’ll take your advice use nolva, costs the same as clomid.

Doing 1000mg of Test for your first cycle seems a bit much. I’m not saying this because it’s your first cycle, I’m saying it because you don’t know how your body will react to a certain chemical. As much as most people say that your best gains will come from your first cycle, I also believe that your first cycle is an EXPERIMENTAL one.

I have also always suggested using 2 different chemicals for a beginners cycle. Test is king. Stick with your Sustanon at 500mg to 750mg per week. I would also add in some Tren or Winny to help with your strength gains and harden up your newly acquired mass.

As suggested already, leave your Clomid for PCT, along with some Nolvadex. Keep some extra Nolvadex on hand incase your Sustanon therapy gets out of hand. Like I said, you won’t know how you will react to a certain chemical, so keeping that extra Nolvadex on hand is a good idea. It will help control any unwanted bloat from your Test, and as a precaution to your sensitivity to estrogen. Good luck.

Do a search for “gramabol” in the T-mag articles. Its a great Sust. cycle designed by Brock Strasser and has worked great for many people on this forum. Sure to put at least 30 lbs. on you in ten weeks!