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Keep Grinding or Up the Dose?

Hey guys… background.
50mg injected IM E3.5 Days. Total of 100mg per week. NO AI/HCG
Been on this for 7 weeks and blood was drawn right before next injection.
TT 1100
FT 19.4
E2 27.3

I feel ok but nothing to great. Still tired and feel joint and muscle pain most days. Attitude is a notch better than before I started and depression is gone. (Why I got on in the first place) so all in all worth it. But zero libido :frowning:
Some people say to go up and get free T at least 25+ some say give it more time.
Anybody have any advice?

I say bump the dose, add a third 50mg inj so you’re injecting on MWF or something like that. You’ve got room to increase your free T. Adding the extra inj will bump your levels and smooth out the fluctuations.

Worth a shot I think. (HaHa I’m funny)

If that doesn’t work bump it again, whoohoo

Well these are your trough levels meaning levels are higher in the first couple of days, I would give it another week before increasing the dosage (60mg 2x weekly). So many things affect libido, dopamine for starters and a healthy mind and it seems you are on the right path because you have made progress.

I wouldn’t really aim for a Free T number, increase the dosage and see how thing are, then access the labs. I may point out I have seen those with mental health issues feel better on more frequent dosing, the fluctuations in hormone levels can exacerbate mood for some.

You might consider it if after increasing the dosage fails to show good results.

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With 7 weeks behind you, I would wait one or two more weeks. Often my best feelings/progress on a dose don’t come on until after 8-9 weeks. See if you improve over the next two weeks before switching things up. Another 7 weeks is a hell of a long haul to get to another place where you are unsure about your dose.

If you have just started TRT, and this isn’t a protocol change on existing treatment, then I definitely recommend 2-3 months total before changing anything. At the beginning the body has so much repairing to do, you can’t judge much in such a short time.

Personally, I started with a totally dead, numb member. My own experience was a big jump in libido after 8 full weeks of treatment and continuing improvement after that.

If libido is the issue that’s going to take time. I’d give yourself another 3-4 weeks and then up the dose 20-30mg if you’re not feeling it. Give that another 2-3 months and assess. Libido takes forever for me. Sometimes 4 months.

I think your dosage is too low, but wouldn’t be opposed to waiting a few weeks before changing it.

Interesting how different response can be. I noticed an increase in libido in two weeks, and I would have said it was OK (adjusted for age) prior to TRT.

FWIW my numbers are less than yours for TT and FT. I feel just right but we are all different animals. I would give it at least 3 months before making any protocol changes. 7 weeks is still way to early to assess. Most don’t even see anything much for the first 4-5 weeks and for some it takes longer.

Thanks everyone for chiming in… I am going to stay here for a few more weeks as I am still seeing incremental improvement week after week. I always had very high libido naturally as a kid so I do miss that a bit but it might show up here in the next few weeks as I stabilize even more… people say libido has more to do than just test but I’ll tell you this. I started clomid before trt and wow! I never felt that high of a sex drive before and when I did my consult with defy I was told if I felt good on clomid I’ll sore on trt… exact opposite occurred in the libido department. So I am a believer that for me it’s all to do with hormones and not other issues. Just got to find it!!!

If you up the dose. Go to something like 40mg 3 times per week