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Keep Gaining Muscle?


Guys I really need help on this...

OK so you guys know I started a weight lifting program 4 weeks ago and also went on a diet to eat a lot. While I was on the diet I ate fast food also with my 7 meals, so yeah, I ate a ton.
I lifted at the same time. My stats 4 weeks ago was about 206 pounds and bench was about 200. Right now I'm at around 216 pounds and I'm 6"2. My bench is at 215 pounds and havent checked my squat but i am sure it has gone up. I do look a litter fatter though and am not as explosive as I was before.

I still played ball while on this program but cut down drastically. I'm not as fast as I used to be. Do you guys think its time to start losing fat and doing speed drills while at the same time heavy lifting (decreased volume) to maintain strength, or should I keep doing what I've been doing which is eating a ton and heavy lifting.



quite simple, stop eating junkfood. Eating a ton doesn't mean eat junk food all the time. Are you doing anything explosive at all or just squat and bench?


watch your protein and calorie ratio.


Let me get this straight. You went on a bulk for 4 WEEKS and are wondering if you should now cut?

Holy shit.

4 weeks is the bare minimum time you should eat at maintenance AFTER a bulk in order to have a chance of keeping hold of your gains before cutting.

Keep bulking without all the junk food for another 4 or 5 months at least, then think about cutting.


Unbelievable. Really.


im going to go on the velocity diet and shred fat and then afterwards start strength training again but eat cleaner.


You mean to tell me after 4 weeks of hard bulking you wernt as big as Ronnie?!?! maybe your just a hard gainer.(sarcasm is over)

Hey retard, give it more time.


LOL! I almost took this seriously and wrote something snarky. Now I realize you're doing a parody. Nicely done.


And we have yet another take a seat on the up and down roller coaster. The rides fun, and hell it tests you, mentally and physically you bust tail, bulk, cut.

Bad thing is like any roller coaster it ends right where it started no matter how crazy it was.

Youll learn in time,