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Keep From Injury...Interested?


After reading the article, "Advice you don't want to hear", I felt that some pre-hab type of stuff she be applied to my overall training. Tell me what you guys think pls

I applied some of these exercises from the "shoulder savers" articles and the "hips don't lie" article (my hips are in a posterior tilt)

After warming up and basic static stretching
- These are for upper body
- Sleeper stretch
- Thoracic foam rolling
- band stretches for shoulders
- wall slides
- scat push ups
- YTWL's
- DB one arm Push presses (if you've read the shoulder savers series, you'd understand why I implement this)

  • Now, more geared towards lower body
  • myofacial release w/ tennis ball
  • psoas activation
  • glute bridge
  • lying side clam
  • body weighted single leg Romanian Deadlifts
  • cradlewalk
  • knee hugs
  • pull-back butt kicks

I only do a set or 2 of each one b/c it's a long list and perform them 3X's per week spread out throughout the week...just trying to keep myself away from injury.