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Keep F***ing That Chicken


Greatest new's anchor flub of all time?...


Although the above was hilarious,imo....I think I got ahead of myself with labeling it "greatest new's anchor flub of all time."

Reason being:


The girl's face in that first video was priceless!


Dude must have been on drugs because he said that like it was no issue at all.

That girl's face made it worth watching.


yea I saw that on Conan O'Brien today (watched it on Hulu). The ladies face was great.


fucking mother whore! shit! smile



Classic stuff!



Life immitating art:


lmao The other anchors reaction also makes it priceless.


I like the series at the end after Shaq swears...

"Shaq we're on live" - reporter

"I don't give a shit" - Shaq

"I know" - reporter



I love how he says "I know" almost before Shaq answers. LOL.


tough in the post, tougher in the post game interview


LOL..I didn't think about Anchorman.


I remember watching that live. Hilarious.