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Keep Cutting or Lean Bulk?

I’m 17 years old. 5’10” 167 on an empty stomach. Lost 70 pounds before so have some stretch marks so not sure if it’s loose skin or fat. My squat is 3x5 225, DL is 225 3x5, bench is 3x5 175. Should I keep cutting or start lean bulking?

Also would it be a good idea to hire an online coach? Really frustrated with the stubborn fat and not sure where to go.

Work on building more muscle. On line coach would be a waste of money at your level.

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So should I go on a lean bulk or keep cutting?

Stop with cutting mentality. Focus on improvement in the gym and build lean mass


Couldn’t agree with @bulldog9899 more. At your age, pretty much everyone should:

  1. Lift weights 3 or 4 times a week
  2. Eat decently, but not obsessively
  3. Run hills or stairs
  4. Play sports (recreationally or competitively)

Then go forth and be awesome.

What a damn shame it would be to wake up and be 30 years old and realize you never gained any muscle, or talked trash on a playground, or even ate a cheeseburger because you were worried about some baby fat your hormones are going to take care of anyway.

Also, and this is for all teenagers, stop with the Internet nude selfies. This is some new insanity I can’t rationalize in a functioning society.


Focus on quality of your meals high intensity trening and dont forget cardio, everything else will come with time, you are sitll young give time to your self but dont become lazy

Ill add… Just run through programs off this site. Higher volume ones like below will keep you lean…

@Chris_Colucci possible troll post and maybe the same IP as that last dude

Don’t know how this is a troll post. Was just genuinely looking for advice but ok.

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I think the "bulk or cut dichotomy is so prevalent because you can’t sell sups on social media to people that want to take a rational approach.

It’s either " Superbulk Dekaboom will pack on mass so fast your undies will EXPLODE!!!"

OR" Super Scientific will shred you so super sliced blah blah blah… IT’S MADE WITH REAL LASERS! AND SCIENCE!"

But never" eat reasonably , lift hard, sleep well, se ya in five years. ".


I don’t think this thread is real.

Dude doesn’t look like he’s seen a day at the gym, has poverty lifts, looks like the emo kids from 2005 MySpace, and is talking about CUTTING?

You know how many regular untrained people think they can lift as much as he does, but would actually get pinned, folded, or otherwise broken just trying?

Almost all of them. The dude is doing ok. He just didn’t realize there is a whole world between those two choices.

IF this is a serious post, he’s doing okay and is just misled about the importance of “cutting”. But if he spent any time on this site and forum and maybe read an article or previous post, he woulda realized the importance of a caloric surplus.

My theory is that he’s using another kid’s progress pics to mock them on a forum.