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Keep Cutting or Eat More?

Hey all, I’m 39 5’10 and 152 lbs at 12.5% body fat. I’m fairly lean but still have lower abdominal fat and can’t really see my abs. I’ve had a lot of hormone issues over the last 4 years and have finally addressed them through thyroid medication and recently TRT at 200mg per week. I’ve been eating at a deficit of 1,750 cals per day. I weigh and track the calories but just focus on eating 150 grams of protein and not worry about fat vs carbs for the rest.

I started trying to diet down around Christmas so I’ve lost about 4 lbs but seem to be gaining a little muscle at the same time since starting TRT. My question is should I continue to drop weight till I get down to 10-11% body fat before I start a lean bulk? At my age I’m not really interested in getting massive, just putting on lean body mass and not have a “dad bod.” I’ve never had visible abs in my life and would love to have them at some point. I’m starting to think this is possible after starting TRT.

Forgot to mention I’m doing IF with a 16 hour fasting window. I train 4x per week doing an upper/lower split. Cardio is mostly walking when I can and chasing my 3 kids around. I’m tempted to start eating around 2400 cals a day to put on some muscle and hoping the testosterone and increases muscle will help me recomp. Any advice would be appreciated.

Dude is 50 years old. Just saying.

If you’re getting you’re hormones in line with TRT, there’s no reason you can’t accomplish what you’re trying to do bro. Keep your protein at around 150g, bring your total caloric intake up to just around TDEE or slightly under. 30% of that total in fats, then the rest in carbs. Time the bulk of your carbs just before and after workouts and hit the weights hard!!

After being at a deficit for so long and seeing results, it’s hard to shift that mindset. I get it. Make good food choices and stay away from processed crap. Eat lean protein and healthy fats. Let your carb intake be made up of things like wild or white rice and veggies / fruits. Your body will respond.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll give it a shot after a couple more weeks.