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Keep Cutting or Bulk?

I’m 21 I started here at about 210 and I’ve been cutting for since september 2015 and Im down to just under 185, if I keep cutting I figured I’d stop when I broke into the 170s.

Neither, do a in the middle approach

Great job! What is your goal? Unless your doing a competition not really any point to get any leaner.

Nice results. Id hold the fatloss there and go on a clean bulk

Of course it all depends on what you, personally, want to look like, but if your end goal is to be more muscular than you are now, I would start working towards that again rather than cutting more. For myself, I like to stay approximately as lean as you are year-round, with very little fluctuation. You’re really at a good point where maintaining your leanness can be done relatively easily. If you get much leaner, that will no longer be the case. Scale weight can be slow going back up, but that’s totally alright. I would not bulk to the point where you totally lose your abs again. Bulking like that makes little sense for most people.

Thanks for the feedback guys. My goal is really to just add more size and strength with no real intention of competing. After reading your responses I think I’ll take a very slow bulk on, I definitely don’t want to lose my abs again.