Keep Building or Try Getting Lean?

Can you do cardio or any lower body moves without pain? SOunds like you should stay away from lower moves and make fixing the knee a priority.

Loads of tips in these, hopefully some will help

For training to lose fat the fastest pick one compound movement and do heavy like 5x5 60-90 secs rest then everything else supersetted or giant sets for high reps which will create a big metabolic effect as well as add a bit of muscle. Rotate through rep schemes each workout .

Eg bench 5x5
Machine row x15
tricep pressdownx15
hammer curl x15
dumbell shoulder press x15

x5 sets, each excercise back to back/no rest then 30 secs rest between giants sets
Alternate between 12, 15 and 20-25reps

As said above keep your calories up just from very clean food sources, like make 90% of your diet from these foods…