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Keep at It or Get Lean and Start Over?

This is a question my buddy insisted I ask some expert or whatever. He is in his late 20s, lifting for a year or so, trying to get bigger, yada yada yada. Currently, he is about 5-10 or11 about 180ish. My advice to him was that he is doing fine and to do just keep eating and going at it. Some fat always creeps in with muscle gain (unless juicing) and, to be honest, he don’t look fat. Unfortunately, I am not much bigger than him and he wanted some more input from someone bigger. He did gain some belly fat, which is not really evident unless from a relaxed side shot. We read that it is true that most recommend lean down and then gain, but we are no experts.


Sorry. I am not too deft with the computer and apologize if the pics don’t come up.

These pics were taken not too long ago and the lighting is very crappy.

Thanks for your input.

Eat more, keep lifting. If his goal is to get big, he does not need to lean down at this point as he doesn’t really have a whole lot of mass to begin with. He’s already fairly lean so at this point “leaning out” won’t do much for him aside from some abz.

I’d advise he just keep eating a caloric surplus (not huge, as he obviously doesn’t want much excess fat gain) and lift. Throw some cardio in to keep fat on if necessary.

Cliffs: Eat, lift, cardio as necessary.

Id be interested in seeing before pics if available.

He isn’t fat. He doesn’t need to ‘get lean and start over’. Keep gaining muscle but keep bodyfat at a comfortable level and if you overdo it then spend a few weeks getting back on track.

Yes, you are just fine. You are not pushing being “un-lean” in any capacity. — Although that’s a pretty subjective opinion.

I personally wouldn’t think you’ll probably need to gain a whole lot MORE body fat as you keep moving up, but what do I know.