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Keep a Positive Attitude

I just got back from the gym and you know all the time before I go to the gym I think about how I feel more alive after having been in the gym and I know that its better to be an empowered dude then to fall into old patterns like smoking and choosing lifestyles that are illegal, idiotic or just plain retarded. Getting out of your own way, knowing at times that your own self can be its own worst enemy. Having to fight off your own weakness all for myself. Knowing whats best for myself, being unafraid to step the fuck up. Its the shit.

And thats all there is to it IMO.

So the moral of the story for me is that its all about keeping a positive attitute when facing all of the challenges of life and weight lifting and being a beginner feeling the results slowly come to pass “as fleeting as glory is” is great, the glory of minor gains and knowing the way is paved and its just a matter of sticking to the script and fucking forcing (this for myself) to jump out of the circle of negative patterns and work on whats achieveable and right in front of me no matter what.

Thats what I am getting at. Controlling myself, harnessing my energy and knowing that whatever it is that I want its in my power to get it whether that be a lifestyle of my dreams or whatever all its going to take me is to work what I’ve got and to struggle for what I want—just like get on top of a higher weight class then I’ve ever been on before like I am almost doing right now and its that great.

Working on it. And thats all there is to it IMO.

Good Luck


Solid post! I find the more I get into training/Nutrition, the more I view things as destructive and that really where all searching for purity (A self of well being and a physique that Zeus would be proud of)