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Kdjohn: Like A F*cking Wolverine


0645hr start
13°C, clear


  • 8km, approx. 00:41:45


  • 3x12


  • Even though I’m tired and would rather sleep in, hitting a steady rhythm between the running, my dog and myself is such a euphoric feeling. Great feeling.


2110hr start

P. Snatch

  • worked up to 160x1

Hang P. Snatch

  • 4x6 @ 100

BW chins

  • 1x10
  • 1x8
  • 2x6
  • 45 sec hanging stretch + 15 sec lat flex

BOB row

  • 3x12 @ 225

EZ bar pullovers

  • 3x15 @ 50
  • 45 sec pullover stretch + 15 sec lat flex

Weighted 45° hypers

  • 3x15 @ +30
  • 45 sec forward fold + 15 sec erectors flex


  • I ended up doing 3 reps at 160, because the first one was messy and I wanted to film it from a couple angles to see where I’m going wrong. I think it’s a confidence issue getting under the bar, and my brain just hits the brakes when I get to higher weights; when I actually get the bar overhead at maximal percentages, I feel super shaky and unstable. I’ll throw some drop snatches and overhead squats in the rotation next block.
  • Decided to drop the weight off my chins. My elbows were starting to bug me, and the reps were questionably at chin level. So once I can do 4x10, getting my shoulders to my hands on every rep, I’ll add weight.
  • However, time to bump the weight on everything else.

Let us know if you do these and how they go. I tried them once or twice and could not for the life of me put myself in a position that felt good.


Will do, amigo. I’ll be testing them out later this week.


0705hr start
14°C, cloudy


  • 5km, approx. 00:26:06


  • I was fucking wiped this morning. Fell asleep while sitting on the couch putting my shoes on. This current training schedule is tough, because I don’t usually get out to lift until after 2100, then after the workout, snack, shower, prep for work, etc, it’s late. It’s even worse if I work, because then I’m not getting to bed until after midnight and getting up at 0615. I’ll try and sneak in as many naps as possible, I guess.
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You seem to have that “more adversity” thing all figured out by now, my dude. :wink:

Hang in there.

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0635hr start

Yoga, general full-body flow

  • 35 minutes


  • Simple, non-strenuous flow to wake up my body and prep my joints for the day. Felt good, probably could’ve been a tad more challenging, though. C&J, shoulders and triceps workout tonight.

General Training Notes:

  • Rucking and running is gonna be periodized. Running throughout the year when viable, rucking when not – which up here basically means whenever it’s snowy or icy.
  • For running, I’m gonna stick with 10km training programs. It’s a good balance of speed and endurance, which is what I care about when it comes to running. I found an 8-week, 3x/week program with good variability that I’ll just run on repeat. This’ll afford me the ability to lock in 2 days of yoga, 1 full day off, and 1 option day to run WODs or similar should I feel like it.
  • I found some KILLER 10-week rucking programs designed for these GORUCK events, which are basically team-based ruck marathons. While I don’t plan to run the GORUCK races, having structure to my winter rucking will be nice. They’re also 3x/week with option extra sessions added in, which I can either skip (because of my additional barbell training), or use for light WODs, similar to my running programs.
  • Diet is still going well. Still eating lots of meat, honey and milk, but I recently replaced some of the milk with additional kefir, so now I have about a 50/50 split of fermented and non-fermented milk. Feeding those probiotics with lots and lots of fruit, veggies and legumes, which has my gut feeling very happy and thus the rest of me is very happy. Sticking with carbs (oats) in the morning for my breakfast shake, but sometimes have some root veggies with lunch, depending on if I feel like I need them. Evening meal and snack is almost exclusively fats, with the only carbs coming from the kefir.
  • Additionally, I’ve been testing the 5-2 eating schedule, which is eating normally for 5 days, then heavily calorie restricted for 2 days. On those 2 days, I eat my normal breakfast plus some additional fibre and kefir, then fast all day. If it’s a work day, I use my breaks to catch up on sleep by napping instead of eating. I’m liking it so far. It’s really nice to have two days to just… not worry about food. Also, I noticed that the next morning once I eat again, my energy levels just shoot through the roof and ride out for a lot longer than normal.

Very fascinating to read about the diet. I’ve wanted to employ some manner of fasting as well, to contrast with large singular meal intakes.

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Are you going to focus on runnin/rucking for a while?

Do you have a time goal?

@T3hPwnisher I’d recommend it, and I think, like me, you’d find mental benefit from it. I can’t even begin to know where it would fit into your schedule, but I think it’d be worth a go.

There’s a bunch of beneficial research into fasting. The 16-8 fast just didn’t work for me, because I became SO obsessed with making sure I got all my food into that 8-hour window. If I didn’t, I was kicking myself that I messed up the schedule. But 5-2 is easy. 5 days of normal, big eating. 2 days of OMAD. Or two small ones, but I personally think the OMAD version is easier.

Then energy spike the next morning was bizarre, but welcome. Especially seeing as I’ve been feeling tired under my new training schedule.

@anna_5588 for general aerobic conditioning, yes. I don’t enjoy WOD-style conditioning sessions, because they were just done to death when I was training and teaching martial arts. Plus, my personal mentality is that being able to run and move your body, or carry a load over distance, are necessary for humans. Done in an appropriate manner, then also can have huge benefit to lifting as well, acting as recovery when done at lower intensities.

I don’t really have any time goals. I can already run a 10km in about 55 minutes, so I’d loosely like a sub-50 minute one, but it’s more about giving some structure to how I keep my heart healthy. Rucking has absolutely no time goals. Just survive the sessions/distance.


My only issue is nutritional modeling for my kiddo. My diet is already pretty crazy and we’re trying really hard to instill good eating habits. My kid has amazing self-control because we’ve never instilled the “clean plate club” with them. They’ll get a cupcake, eat it until they are satisfied, and then walk away from the table. That NEVER happened for me as a fat kid growing up, haha. When they get a little older I might give it a go. Like you noted, there’s a LOT of cool stuff out there on the topic. If you haven’t read Marty Gallagher’s “Purposeful Primitive”, it’s an absolute steal on kindle and the nutrition section carries a good portion of fasting info in it ala the Warrior Diet.



2050hr start

P. C&J

  • worked up to 215x1

Hang P. C&PP

  • 4x6 @ 135

Wide-grip upright row

  • 2x15 @ 110
  • 1x13 @ 110
  • 2x12 @ 110

Weighted dips

  • 1x9 @ +40
  • 1x7 @ +40
  • 1x6 @ +40
  • 45 sec stretch + 15 sec flex

Seated EZ bar OHE

  • 1x12 @ 60
  • 1x11 @ 60
  • 1x10 @ 60
  • 45 sec stretch + 15 sec flex

EZ bar overhead sit-ups

  • 3x12 @ 60
  • 1x10 @ 60
  • 45 sec stretch + 15 sec flex


  • Gonna drop the weight on a couple exercises throughout my sessions and focus on slower cadence, pauses in the bottom and hard contractions at the peak. I’m also really guilty of not pushing the weight up after enough time; I always want to ride weights out for way too long. It sounds contradictory to my prior statement, I know, but I’m not being aggressive enough in attacking the weights over time.
  • I’m also not loving Leviathan for the Olympic lifts. I think the constant increase to a training max isn’t working; Black Army Jacket with it’s wavy Spinal Tap loading was far more productive. I think because as things started feeling heavy, suddenly I backed off and worked up again, giving my nervous system time to adjust within the session.

@T3hPwnisher I started reading The Purposeful Primitive last night and am about 1/3 of the way through now. Fantastic read. Definitely being included in my “training bibles” collection. Gallagher is a superb writer.


Glad you are enjoying it dude! You have no idea how significant it is to me that, whenever I recommend a book, you read it. Your opinion is one I hold a VERY high value for, and seeing your approval of something means a lot to me.


Appreciate the kind words, man! The feeling is absolutely mutual, I hope you know. You’ve been a big inspiration for me since joining the site.



0645hr start
9°C, cloudy and windy


  • 3km warm-up
  • 8x400/200/200; fast run/jog/walk

This was supposed to be bookended by 3km on both sides, but it was taking way too long. Next time I’ll just do 1.5km at the start, then 1.5km at the end.


  • 50 total reps, various exercises

This is gonna be my new abs protocol; weekly rep total, distributed however feels appropriate throughout the various sessions, using various exercises. Should help prevent boredom.


  • I thought I’d be way more wiped, seeing as yesterday was a fasting day and I hadn’t eaten for almost 24 hours leading to this, but I had a significant amount of energy. Great feeling.


2050hr start

Prone leg curls

  • 3x some

Using bands doesn’t have a good strength curve, so I tried using a DB. That was great up until the opposite point that bands become too difficult. I think the solution will be a light band and a DB. Didn’t count reps, just went until my hamstrings were pumped this time.

B. Squat

  • 225x5
  • 255x5
  • 290x5

Moved well. Sometimes my warm-ups sets feel heavy as shit, but last night they felt super light. Need to remember to push my hips back more.

B. Squat (high bar)

  • 4x6 @ 200

Slow eccentric, pause, explode up and flex hard. All the reps felt good. My legs are so slow, though. Even trying to explode out of the hole I’m going no faster than the descent.

G. Morning

  • 2x10 @ 170
  • 1x8 @ 170
  • 1x6 @ 170
  • 45 sec stretch + 15 sec flex

Same tempo as high bar squats; slow, pause, explode, flex. Reps dropped because I could feel my back losing integrity.

Landmine hack squat

  • 50x15
  • 75x15
  • 100x15
  • 45 sec stretch + 15 sec flex

Well, I said I wanted to destroy my quads, and this fit the bill. Close stance, heels touching, knees forward on my toes at the bottom, almost like a sissy squat. First 5 reps were paused and flexed at the top, next 5 had no pause, and the last 5 were constant tension. Fuck me. @jshaving, try this out, man.

Standing barbell calf raises

  • 2x5-1 iso countdown @ 120
  • 1x5-2 iso countdown @ 120
  • 1x5-3 iso countdown @ 120
  • 45 sec stretch + 15 sec flex

5 sec top hold followed by 5 reps, 4 sec top hold followed by 4 reps, etc etc. Gnarly burn.


  • All in all a great session. I’ll sort out the prone leg curls somehow, but everything else was excellent.


0645hr start
1°C, clear


  • 1.5km warm-up
  • 8x90 sec hard run, 150 sec easy jog
  • 1.5km cool-down

Started running my usual measured stretch, then realized I really didn’t want to just go back and forth a bunch of times, so I opted for timed intervals and ran around the neighbourhood. My recovery between intervals is seriously improving.


  • Chilly way to start the day, but nothing gets me fired up like cold weather. Owe 50 reps of ab work later.


2020hr start


  • 145x5
  • 165x5
  • 185x5


  • 4x6 @ 130

Slow, pause, explode, flex. Trying to eliminate leg drive on this to really focus on grooving the upper body.

DB flyes

  • 1x15 @ 25
  • 1x13 @ 25
  • 2x12 @ 25
  • 45 sec stretch + 15 sec flex

Slow descent, pause, controlled ascent. Pecs were pumped like crazy. Working on imagining I’m hugging a tree when I do these.

Wide-grip barbell curls

  • 4x5 @ 110

Fat-grip tricep bar curls

  • 1x12 @ 65
  • 1x10 @ 65
  • 1x8 @ 65

These really sneak up on you. All of a sudden at about the halfway point, the arms start burning like crazy. Same cadence as usual.

DB Zottman curls

  • 1x15 @ 20
  • 2x12 @ 20
  • 45 sec stretch + 15 sec flex

*Fuuuuuck, these burned like crazy. Whimpering on the stretch after. *


  • Always feeling like a total bro after this session.

Nothing wrong with that, in fact @TrainForPain insists on it. :joy:


I mean, what else are we doing here?

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